Blood Mate

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Blood Mate

The Project Rebellion 2

Firstly I have to say that I will happily and greedily devour any book with this author’s name attached to it. Though this series touches some very dark subject matter, that of people who have been deliberately and coldly separated from their humanity, it touches you. Whether you are someone who loves any kind of Sci-fi and just one of us who love a good romance, I can guarantee you will enjoy this book. Don’t we romantics love the fact that even after everything that has been done to them, the Lycans and Blood (vampires) still dream of one day finding a mate?

Isn’t it ironic that having been unwillingly turned into monsters that one of the human conditions they are no longer prey to is commitment phobia?

After the first book in this series I could hardly wait for this one, but one of the things I appreciate about Ms. Carter is the fact that as well as being an amazing author, she is also prolific.

Darce the Lycan second in command got captured when he was sidetracted and very distracted by the female soldier in charge of capturing him and his packmembers was both his mate, and a blood. Bloods and Lycans have a natural physical aversion to each other. Bloods think Lycans are no better than undisaplined dogs, bestial and raving, and Lycans thinks Bloods are about as warm and appealing as androids. Toni is a strong female character, one the reader can admire and empathize with. Her internal snarky dialogue is one of the best things about this excellent novel.

I was enthralled by the narrative and found that I hated the fictional bad guys just as deeply as I was mentally cheering on Darce and Toni and the others.

The amoral soldiers who created the Lycans, Bloods and RA (Reanimates zombies) don’t care that they are playing God. All they care about is creating perfect killing machines that can be used. Ms. Carter never has problems with grabbing the reader’s attention and pulling you into the worlds she creates. I am really enjoying this series and can’t wait for the next one.

Book Blurb for Blood Mate

The only thing they have in common? Really…sharp…teeth.

Major Antonia Fielding has one goal: to escape the clutches of the Project. With the blood-virus infecting her system, though, a body bag is likely her only way out. Until her boss lets slip that he may just have a cure for her—if she brings in an escaped Lycan.

Can she trust him? Now there’s the million-dollar question. Then again, can she afford not to take that chance?

Darce Foster was a Special Forces soldier, until the Project got hold of him. Now he’s a Lycan, a lab-created werewolf, this close to escaping his creators—until another of the Project’s experiments stops him in his tracks. Not because she has the power to hold him, but because he instantly recognizes the impossible. The vampiress is his mate.

Allowing her to bring him in is his only choice—and possibly the last mistake of his life.

Enemies or lovers, it doesn’t matter. When they discover that the Project is hiding yet more secrets, they must work together to bring it down...or die in the attempt.

Warning: Contains a cocky wolf who won’t take no for an answer, an ice-queen losing her cool and a pack full of hunky werewolves bent on rescue. And zombie spidermen.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00