Bachelor's Return

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Bachelor's Return

James Bauer returns home for his sisters wedding, ready to endure the endless nagging and matchmaking. It's not that he's anti marriage; he just isn't interested in settling down. Mellissa Johnson is his sister's best friend since childhood, the `brat', friend of his sister Liv.

Of course on returning home, he cannot help but notice that the brat has grown up. He can't keep his eyes or his hands off her. Mellissa is not happy to see that James hasn't changed; he's still playing the field, treating her as if she's his kid sister, and thinking that he has the right to boss her around.

Getting into a sexual relationship with Missy makes James think of things that have never entered his mind before; he's possessive, territorial and craving more and more of Missy. Are his sister's wedding plans addling his mind?

While I enjoyed this romance it is very predictable in a harlequin romance kind of way.

Book Blurb for Bachelor's Return


Returning home brings the most unexpected surprises…

Melissa Johnson, aka, the Brat, didn’t believe in happily ever after. She also blames James Bauer for ruining her for other men. After years of crushing on him, Melissa knew she had to get him out of her system.

James Bauer needs to protect his bachelorhood. He's always enjoyed the single life and dreads returning home to see his matchmaker mother. Fate had other plans however, when he finds his nemesis in tight black leather...working at a dance club, of all places.

One touch ignites a fire between Melissa and James, but will it be enough to keep them together? 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.75