Almost Real

Margot and Sergei are paired as a fictitious married couple. Are they soldiers or agents? What is the purpose of their mission? Who is their enemy? And what are their enemies trying to accomplish and why? Despite the fact that the majority of the narrative is descriptive, the reader is never sure of the answers to those questions. What this reader is certain of though is that Margot is a very, very lucky woman. Ms. Stein injects her writing with so much sexual tension that if this had been a paper novel, the pages would have been severely scorched.

How is Margot supposed to act like a wife to the gorgeous hunk who barely speaks, let alone interacts with her? The author draws the reader into Margot’s desire for Sergei so that we can feel Margot’s frustration at not being able to get to know Sergei. See the expressions on his face, and practically taste the sweat on his skin. Sergei is the epitome of the strong and silent type.

Yes, the author hooked me, and enthralled me. I don’t think fully developing the world building would have detracted from the pace of the novel. As a piece of straight romantica it worked – and it delivered. It certainly left me wanting more.

Book Blurb for Almost Real

When Margot signs on to pose as one half of a married couple for the cloning company she works for, she doesn’t expect her partner to interest her in the slightest. It’s just a job—albeit one that comes with a fake marriage. To an undeniably sexy fake husband.

Sergei is an immense stone fortress, cold and calm and—worst of all—so compelling Margot can hardly stand it. She’s supposed to be protecting and maintaining the labs, but all she can think about is unearthing the man beneath the controlled façade and wrapping herself around him.

Even if the man she uncovers is far more than she ever bargained for.

A Romantica® sci-fi/futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50