After Midnight

Bad Moon, #5

Though this was the first part in a series I did feel that I'd missed out by not having read the related series. I know that by nature novellas are short but this one was more about setting the scene for the series than building a relationship between the main characters. I couldn't really get into it. I did finish it, but it seemed to end abruptly, without having grabbed me as a reader.

Book Blurb for After Midnight

***WARNING: This description contains spoilers for the Bad Moon series! After Midnight 1 is the first of two parts in a Bad Moon spin-off series. While this story is best read after Bad Moon 1-4, it is not completely necessary.***

Rock stars and empaths and shifters...Oh my!

Jasmine Gurley is a smart and diligent Journalism major at Florida Central University; she's one of the Central Sun's best writers and she's the kick-ass event coordinator for her honors fraternity. Life is good, and she's almost banished the terrible memory of a girl claiming to be a vampire that attacked her nearly three years ago.

But on the eve of her twenty-first birthday she meets a man so sinfully delicious he can't be real. He evokes feelings in her that are far from normal, and has her questioning her own sanity, as well as all the secrets that her birth mother left behind...

Aamir Veisi just wants to play his music. He's the lead singer of the band Fun Aim and they've finally made it big with their hit single, "My Heart Jumps." But life has been getting in the way lately--he was left heartbroken by a girl he thought was the one, and his father insists that he goes hunting down a rogue demon in order to prove his place in the clandestine Neo-Knights of Cyrus.

He's starting to loose faith in everything when he meets Jasmine. Beautiful, intelligent, and powerful, he knows she's trouble but he just can't keep away. He may be giving up everything to be with her, but just one night turns his forbidden desire into a torrent of lust he can't contain...

***This is a 27,000 word novella and the first part in a two-part series! This is NOT a self-contained story. It also contains steamy content that is for adults 18+***

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.00