A Wife for the Future

The Wikomsette, #2

I very much enjoyed the original Wikomsette book but this book surpassed it, I loved that Ashling was so mature in her attitude, it made her infinitely likable, she could have been bratty and immature especially as her whole upbringing was so restricted and because of her age, but instead she is courageous, funny and intelligent. Often in romance novels, it is hard for the reader to understand just why a character is so lovable, especially when the author constantly focuses on a female character's looks as though that is all she needs in order to be lovable.

This book had all the major elements to hook the reader. An admirable protagonist, a seriously engrossing plot that had me anxious to know what would happen next, and great characterization. Like the previous novel, this has a very original plot. Happy reading! You won't be sorry you bought this and you will re-read it.

Book Blurb for A Wife for the Future

Ashling never understood some of the oddities in her upbringing, until a family secret is revealed: her father is from the distant future. It has been predetermined that he will return to his native time on Ashling's twentieth birthday and she must go with him. Future society has a critical shortage of women and humanity is threatened with extinction.

Given time to recover from the shock and to prepare for a vastly different civilization, Ashling accepts her fate. She's required to take several husbands, and produce offspring to help prevent the human race from dying out. After a sheltered childhood with limited social interaction, Ashling is aroused by the idea of having romantic partners (more than one of them) for the first time in her life.

As soon as she's introduced to her prospective mates, feelings of being overwhelmed are quickly replaced by desire for the men who wish to court her. Ashling takes three husbands, reveling in the passion she shares with each of them. Life becomes one delicious encounter after another.

And then her father is accused of a crime, and the only man willing to help free him is the man Ashling wants most, and the one she may never have.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50