A Transplanted Christmas

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A Transplanted Christmas

Cord meets Annie and her son Josh while delivering parcels through his job as a UPS delivery man. He can't help noticing that she appeared sickly and when they meet up again Cord finds out that she is awaiting a kidney transplant and has to have regular dialysis. Cord lost his wife to cancer, so you have to ask yourself, would any man having gone through that be in a hurry to rush off and have another relationship that involves the sick-bed? Are sickness and physical frailty, qualities that attract men?

Annie starts off as a little defensive and prickly, she doesn't want pity from the gorgeous UPS man, and she isn't sure that with her quality of health that she should hope for more. These two lonely people quickly fall for each other. Cord starts to feel more and more for both Annie and her son. They are both widowed and he knows that what he feels for them isn't related to pity. Annie is very courageous and resilient. Together they find the courage to not question their feelings but move forward and have the best Christmas ever. One so wonderful that Annie in particular would never have anticipated just what a gift Cord would be to her. This is a gentle, sweet and touching romance.

I enjoyed reading a book where the uniqueness of the characters was that they were ordinary working class people.

Book Blurb for A Transplanted Christmas

Annie Cook, a widow with a six-year-old son, doesn’t think love will ever come her way again, until she meets Cord Williamson, a UPS driver. Cord turns out to be a perfect match, but would it be fair to continue a relationship with him when she’s so sick?

Cord is elated now that he’s found his soul mate, but he finds out she’s very ill and their time together will be limited unless a miracle happens. He decides to make that time perfect and give her a Christmas that will remain a memory through eternity. But what would be the perfect Christmas present?

Cord does find the perfect gift, one that will bind them together for life in more ways than one. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.25