A Rancher's Promise

Kyle Houston is a wealthy rancher whose flighty younger brother turns up at his ranch suddenly, with a stunning young woman in tow. Stuart Houston informs his brother that his friend, Amerie Palmer needs to stay at the ranch, but won’t explain why, or say what situation he and Amerie are running away from. Angry that his brother has offloaded one of his women on him without explaining why she needs to be ‘hidden’ at his ranch, Kyle is rude and unwelcoming. His attitude gets worse when in the morning Stuart has left, without informing either him or Amerie. Kyle is instantly attracted to Amerie, and he’s acutely uncomfortable, thinking that she is one of his pretty boy brother’s bed partners.

Amerie stands up to him. But his attitude does not improve when he sees the way that every male on the ranch, from the ranch-hands to the cook befriend her. Kyle uses his rudeness to hide his attraction and accuses Amerie of being overly flirtatious. Unknown to Kyle, Amerie is just as attracted to him, despite his rudeness. As Amerie starts settles into life on the ranch, Kyle becomes more and more intrigued by her, and tries to get her to open up to him about what she and Stuart are involved in. Amerie doesn’t want to get Kyle involved in her problems, her life is in turmoil, and she’s worried about Stuart. Her evil stepfather and his minion are determined to find her, and when they do it won’t be pretty. Amerie tries to keep Kyle at arm’s length, this isn’t the time for her to get emotionally involved with anyone; but love doesn’t seem to have a sense of appropriate time or place. Can Kyle be the answer to her prayers, or will he end up as just another pawn to be used against her?

Ms. Rochelle could do with a couple of critique partners to help her with flaws in her plotting, or maybe some much tighter editing.

This interracial romance has a good plot, but Kyle’s behavior and irrational jealousy makes him seem more like a willful child than a grown man. He and Amerie fall in love after Amerie has made a point of avoiding Kyle, and they cannot credibly have spent enough time together with their clothes on, to really know each other. 

Book Blurb for A Rancher's Promise

Ever since her friend Stuart suggested he wanted to hide her at his aloof older brother’s ranch, Amerie Palmer was truly expecting the worst and almost backed out at the last minute. However, the man who opened the front door was the most handsome and sexiest male she had ever laid eyes on.

But Kyle Houston had been hurt in the past and his mistrust of women ran deeper than his love for his ranch.

Amerie knew she should stay away from Kyle because he wasn’t being very welcoming to her. However, she just felt beneath the tough exterior there was a man who craved love and she could be the woman who would give it to him. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 2.75