Odd Stuff

Odd Stuff is hilarious. Written in first person, this story is fast paced, laugh out loud entertainment. There are a variety of supernaturals in this story, including a very interesting take on one, which isn't seen to often in paranormal tales. I won't say more because it would ruin the surprise for when you pick this must-read up.

The author did a great job of making us connect with Janie the main character. Divorced and starting over with her daughter by going back to her old town, it's easy to feel a kinship with this woman who is determined to give her daughter a great life and who loves to eat real food.

Her love interest, is hot, and if I wouldn't give some of the surprise away I'd tell you about my favorite part where he gets quite bent when the tables are turned on him. ROFL. Sorry it still cracks me up to think about that bit.

There was only one thing that really drove me nuts in this piece and that was all the song lyrics. Waaaay too many of them and for too long. While the author might be intimately acquainted with the songs and the meanings they have for her, I floundered in those parts looking for the story.

While categorized as romance, this tale does not go into explicit action. While not quite behind closed doors, it's close, but regardless, you will come away with a satisfied HEA feeling. The author has also left a few strings dangling implying a sequel which I for one, would definitely pick up. All in all, a don't-put-it down read that will have you smiling and giggling for Janie's inner thoughts are priceless.

Book Blurb for Odd Stuff

90K Words

Like a bull in a china shop, Janie Smith tumbles through the paranormal world making mistakes and not keeping her sharp tongue in check.  Pretending to be normal is what she has spent her whole life perfecting.  But when her best friend, a witch named Mia, gets tangled in a murder investigation, Janie tries to stick to her guns and solve it without any “extra” help, be it supernatural or sexual.  The hitch is that Mia is suspected to have murdered a vampire...and how do you prove you haven't killed someone who has no pulse?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50