Love in Death's Embrace

In a nutshell, Luca is out to destroy a master vampire for turning his father, but he falls in love with a vampire named Kat and can’t complete his quest. 

I liked the premise and the tale began well, but the further the story progressed, the more it fell apart.  The author began to lose me when the hero, with no real emotional regret, talks about having killed his father for becoming a vampire, yet because of some lusty thoughts, he can’t kill Kat, a vampire he’s just met.

Luca and Kat both came across as slightly callous making it hard for me to connect with them. And Arden, the master vampire, appeared somewhat maligned and pathetic, not evil as intended.  Some inconsistencies with hand actions involving a broken wrist and a complete reversal of character for the hero in the end made this a story that could have used some more tightening.

That said the writing itself is solid, the love scenes steamy and the dialogue believable.  If you want a quick vamp story about vengeance then this might do the trick for you.

Book Blurb for Love in Death's Embrace

When night falls, Luca Alexander prowls the dark, seeking the one vampire that will set him free. Living with a curse brought on by his father, Luca’s only hope for a normal existence lies in the destruction of Arden Ashton and every vampire descended from him. When a run in with one of Arden’s lackeys leads Luca to new information, it’s just what he needs to continue the hunt. What Luca doesn’t anticipate is the enchanting redhead that quite literally falls into his lap.

Kat De Witt isn’t sure what to think of the intriguing vampire hunter. Unable to resist, she lays a daring kiss on him, an act that neither of them can stop thinking about. Kat knows there is something about Luca that makes him like no other human. Yet, she would never guess how deeply entwined their paths are. A vampiress, sired by Arden Ashton himself, Kat has no way of knowing that in order for Luca to be free of his curse, he has to kill her. That stolen kiss in a darkened cemetery changes everything. How can Luca escape the curse when he’s falling in love with the enemy?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.00