In Plain View

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In Plain View

What an intriguing story. I wasn't too sure the first few chapters, especially when I had to adjust from first person POV to third, but once I got used to the flipping, I was sucked right in.

The main character is a reporter who at the unsolved hit and run death of her sister is given custody of her traumatized niece. The story while predominantly about her research into the mysterious suicide of an Amish firefighter, also manages to deal with the insecurities and issues that arise from raising a child when you're used to being alone. The story is heart breaking in parts, especially when we enter the POV of the child who misses her mother and feels all-alone. In the end though, you'll give a happy sniffle as ultimately, not only is the mystery solved, but our ballsy reporter learns family is more important than a good story and her niece realizes she isn't alone.

I just wish we'd seen a little more romance from the tough-as-nails sheriff. The tiny hints were just enough to tantalize the romantic in me. And I love a man in uniform.

If you pick this one up, be prepared to neglect everything else for once it draws you in, you just can't stop.

Book Blurb for In Plain View

An Amish Mystery
SFX: Ker-flush
That's the sound of my career going down the toilet. Three months ago, I was the freelance reporter to call for full-color images of an international crisis.
Now? I'm stationed at the far edge of the Chicago flyover as a disappointing mother-sub to my eight-year-old niece and the babysitter for a newsroom College Boy.
Camera still: a man in Amish clothing hanging from a tree. Dead.
One photo of the lifeless man was all I needed to see—there's more to this story than anyone wants to admit. Especially Sheriff Jack Curzon, with his death-ray eyes watching my every move. I have a feeling that man wants more than my cooperation.
Quick-cut, pan, tilt and—run.
Someone is hiding, just out of sight. And I'll do whatever it takes to protect my new family.
Seeing the truth can be dangerous...
...when evil is In Plain View.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50