In Appreciation of Their Cox

If you want titillating erotic action with eight guys plesauring one girl, then this is the story. Great choregography of the characters. Fabulous descriptions of the action. My only complaint was more than half of the story was a long winded build up to the big screw, most of which could have been cut. Although I did learn alot about rowing.

A quick and spicy read for those who like a giant orgy.

Book Blurb for In Appreciation of Their Cox

“Well, what we really need are small girls who are good at shouting and like hanging out with tall, muscular blokes.”

“Sign me up!”

And that was how I got into coxing.

Eight tall, muscular men, straining every sinew, and one itty-bitty young woman urging them on with all her might.

Joanna is the coxswain for a British university rowing crew, all of them fit and muscular and hot. Although she’s fantasized about each of the men, she has always been careful to keep her relations with them strictly platonic. But now she’s leaving for a new job—and they’re going to have a farewell party they will never forget, as all Jo’s wildest dreams come true on this final night together.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.00