Faerie Cake Dead

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Faerie Cake Dead

I'm not sure where to start. The blurb caught me with its quirky cuteness and I really expected something high paced and comedic. The reality was quite different.

The story is more of a murder/mystery than a fantasy with odd things happening at Luna's shop including dead bodies, and break ins, along with an evil developer trying to take over her land. The story had a predictable feel unfortunately.

There are fairies in the story which we see from time to time, but we learn very little about them other than they're small and pretty. Quite honestly they could have been removed from the story and not affected it one bit.

Personally, I found the story slow paced, tepid in the romance department and about the only thing I got excited about was the description of the cupcakes Luna made--they made me very hungry. I'm also sorry to say I almost lost my mind at how many time Devin waggled his brows. Once is cute, two pushing it, by the fourth, he lost all attraction for me.

I'm sure others might really enjoy this light and fluffy read, it just really didn't do it for me.

Book Blurb for Faerie Cake Dead

Tea, trust and trouble collide at Faerie Cake Junction. When divorcee, Luna Devere, owner of Faerie Cake Junction, meets general contractor, Devin Radford, chaos reigns. Devin instantly wreaks romantic havoc in Luna's life after she finds a corpse sitting in her tea shop as though awaiting service. The shop is surrounded by faeries who have befriended Luna. They know who left the dead man, but they aren't sharing. The sheriff is convinced Luna is daft and that she's the culprit. Devin wonders just how odd Luna is...even though he's drawn to her. And, Luna's ex-husband tries to incriminate her for reasons and purposes of his own. Will Luna survive? Only the faeries know.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.00