Wacky Wednesday

I started this book and was so freaking confused. I almost stopped reading but I forced myself to read on. It got even more confusing. I really liked the synopsis so I forced myself to once again carry on. By page 20 I was even worst off. I had a really hard time wrapping my mind around a body swap. It can be really hard when it comes to figuring out who is who and during what parts. This is not a bad book, just a very confusing one. If you are a very patient reader, this could be the book for you. However as I mentioned multiple times… I am still confused.

Somehow the characters switch bodies… From what I read, this book is about a D/S couple. They seem to be having some problems. Amon is distancing himself and Jayk is having trouble at school. One morning they wake up and find they have traded places. Jayk is in Amon’s body. But what lost me was I wasn’t able to see where Amon went. Something just seemed to be missing.

Book Blurb for Wacky Wednesday

Things have been rocky lately for brat Jayk and his dominant partner Amon. Jayk, a college dropout, recently returned to school, while Amon, the HR director at a major financial firm, faces pressure at work. Their D/s partnership suffers as Jayk deals with his stress by acting out, and Amon deals with his by cracking down.

When Jayk and Amon wake one morning to find they’ve switched bodies, each is determined to prove he can handle his partner’s life for a day. But as the chaos builds, their swap proves more confusing, enlightening--and sexier--than they’d anticipated.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements (bondage, flogging, spanking), male/male sexual practices. 153 pages

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 2.50