The Amoveo Legend, #3

One of the clear and crisp energies that Sara Humphreys brings into my favorite genre paranormal romance is a consistent passionate love and devotion to the importance of family creating a potent bond. This glue is a mainstay I find in her Amoveo series. In Untamed Ms. Humphreys writes strong, independent, stoic, wise, and intelligent characters whom are easy for a reader of this genre to find commonalities in.

Amoveo society members have to live undercover to avoid torment from the Purist.

Untamed, in my opinion is the appropriate title for this segment of her Amoveo series because often spirits cannot be tamed and must be allowed to live free and unencumbered.

Ms. Humprhreys adopts the strangeness of society and braids these dysfunctional aspects into a paranormal fantasy and it clearly sends a powerful message of reflection to the reader’s sub consciousness. In my opinion readers are enlightened about love, commitment, devotion and sacrifice for the greater good within Untamed.

The characters are defined with charisma and intelligence and possess plenty of tenderness to share even when it is rejected. The settings were realistic and easy for me to embrace because I reside in Maryland where all three of her stories have a connection. The suspense and danger is not overwhelming but enough to keep a reader intrigued. I felt energy and sensuality is the main focus and she delivers the intimacies of mates in such a beautiful way.

Throughout Untamed the vibration of the story is to open and accept the unexpected.

Layla Nickelsen is the key character. She is a woman of substance, strong ethics, independence and grace who will not be deterred from her goals. Layla is a talent photographer with her own special spiritual gifts. She is often conflicted about them and being accepted for who is she. She is not too thrilled with the legend associated with being a member of the Amoveo and a hybrid. I felt this impacted her self-esteem only on an interpersonal level.

Rosie her guardian/mother figure is a wise woman who has the ability to go deep inside the heart and the soul of the people dear to her and she is so unselfish.

Raife and Tatiana are twins and members of Layla's immediate family under the protective wings of Rosie.

William Fleury, an attorney, is sharp and handsome in his suits looking professionally delicious. He just needs to loosen up a bit to make him huggable. He is as determined and cool as a block of ice, level-headed in most aspects of life except when it comes to finding and possessing his predestined life mate. He will have a battle on his hands to bring this wish to fruition.

Ms. Humphreys bends suspense and sensuality into a delectable spicy mix. I delighted in the manner in which she describes the bonds of her mated characters and how they function as a society. The blend in Untamed with its various shifters characteristics is magical and kept me reading. Ms. Humprhreys' depictions of sexy, tender romances created outside of the common realms for building a passionate relationship fascinated me.

Untamed’s storyline shows and reminds all of us to appreciate how friends will travel great distances to be by your side in those tough times of need. This thread is what I appreciate and delight in as a reader of Ms. Humphreys Amoveo series. I look forward to her next book and am curious about which previous characters will reappear on her stage of tender, abiding love and intimacies only true life-mates can savor for a lifetime.

Book Blurb for Untamed

William Fleury has finally found his mate. A highly respected attorney and member of the Gyrfalcon Clan, he’s known for his cold, calculating demanor. However the ice around his heart thaws the moment he sets eyes on his mate.

Layla Nickelsen is a world traveled photographer with a secret…she gets more than adigital image from her pictures. The only thing she dreads more than her Amoveo heritage is the knowledge that someday her mate will find her…and claim her. Raised on a rural Maryland farm by a loving foster mother. She and two other hybrids live in fear of the full blooded Amoveo. Unable to shapeshift like her siblings, Layla always feels out of step.

When her mate arrives to claim her the intense and immediate connection is startling…but when the safety of the farm is violated and Rosie is attacked…the game changes and sacred trusts are challenged.

William shows her the wa y of the Amoveo and helps her realize her powers with remarkable speed. But will the Council and the pure blooded Amoveo embrace the newly revealed hybrids?

Lines are drawn and loyalties are questioned…The Amoveo become a house divided.

Layla swiftly discovers that there’s a fine line between love and lust.

You can’t escape your fate.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50