Duty Bound, #1

I highly recommend this suspenseful book. Unscripted has all the elements that captivate a reader’s sensory neurons and heighten the curiosities. You will be examining mysterious events that keep you wondering what will happen next. The unforeseen events are key factors in this drama that stimulates and challenges the intelligence. The excitement builds accompanying many twists and turns creating surprises for the reader. I caught a hitch in my breath a few times while being so wrapped up in this novel.

Have a nice relaxing afternoon and add some spice to it by reading Unscripted by J.S. Marlo. It is loaded with plenty of intrigue, adventure and tenderness.

Actors are often given the liberty to ad-lib their lines as long as they do not go too far off script.

In the book Unscripted, penned by a talent woman, J.S. Marlo who takes the reader on an unsuspecting tour through the life of a television series writer. Throughout Unscripted, Ms. Marlo provides moments where the reader is transported from their secure world into a place of unpredictability on the set of a popular adventure television series. Her key characters are caring, devoted and realistic people most readers can easily connect with in everyday life. I was immediately submerged into the scenes and dialogue. The setting for the story is aptly described snatching me and perhaps other readers into the story's dynamics. She demonstrates her awesome aptitude for creating environments, situations and characters you will fall in love with. I felt as though I acquired new relationships with Blythe, Riley, Paul, Martin and Ollie. Ms. Marlo richly stocks her novel with believable characters. Her writing style is so clean and crisp; reminiscent of the air found in Winnipeg. Ms. Marlo uses bona fide life circumstances that have a way of bringing people together regardless of the series of events, even when they are sometimes beautiful, joyous, exciting or difficult, harsh, unfair and downright cruel.

Ms. Marlo's multi-dimensional characters have depth and are well defined. Ms. Marlo's incorporation of the emotions such as humor, spirited banter/dialogue between conflicting colleagues, family makes Unscripted an easy and fast-paced read. Innuendo, honesty, trust and faith in the communications are appropriately placed between the key characters in Unscripted which I found endearing.

Blythe and Riley are the type of friends most people value in a lifetime. Riley and Blythe are tender, intelligent and protective, as well as Ollie and Hunter. These members of the cast are intricate facets of a complex puzzle that keeps the reader engaged.

Riley is a writer who won a writing contest for a leading adventure television series. Her appearance causes intimidations on the job among colleagues and their reactions to her are so realistic with bad attitudes and jealousy raging through their veins. Unscripted also includes a great deal of tenderness, compassion, family, love and healing. The secondary personalities Hunter, Rowan, Chad, Nick along with a couple of others pushed all of my emotional buttons: happiness and excitement to wanting to reach out and tap somebody upside their head. (smile) I enjoyed Unscripted because of the warmth and sensitivity along with plenty of action and mystery.

Book Blurb for Unscripted

Shaped by fire. Bound by duty. Driven by love. Riley's tumultuous life rivals the television scripts she writes for Wild Rescue.


After a bullet shatters his world, actor Blythe Huxley befriends Riley Kendrick, a new writer on the television show Wild Rescue, never expecting to discover a kindred spirit.

No stranger to tragedy, Riley lends a compassionate ear to Blythe's difficulties and soon becomes entangled in a web of illicit affairs and deadly intrigue.

When an arsonist and a killer both strike, Riley's fate intertwines with Blythe's, and her life and her heart hang in the balance. Will they be able to protect their pasts? And save their future?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50