Touch of Red

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Touch of Red

Tracers Book 12

In “Touch of Red” you will be walking on the wild side with suspense and romance. So put on your red bottom shoes and become romantically and professionally entangled in a murder.

This is my first experience with the work of Ms. Griffin. Griffin has a well-developed forensics series with Tracers. This is the twelfth book. “Touch of Red” grabbed me from the first paragraph to the last page. Within these fantastic pages is where everything meshed together to create a clearly logical read.

Ms. Griffin has a valuable skill. She’s all set for manufacturing an intense storyline, characters and plot. I found these elements distinctive, unlike so many others. Her background knowledge and method of creating a strong plot, adventurous events and bold characters are enticing to wrap one's head around.

I grew comfortably transported into “Touch of Red” because of the awesome writing skills of Ms. Griffin. The backstory is clear about the Delphi crime lab's design and its players. As one who enjoys shows such as CSI, FBI, and other crime investigative series on TV, “Touch of Red” satisfies that hunger and thirst for investigative problem solving.

Within the pages of this book we have Brooke Porter. She is a strong alpha woman who knows her job and is every bit the professional. I related to Brooke because of personality and her dedication to her career.

Sean Byrne, the investigative detective on this homicide case is a strong, bold, and protective man with a keen eye and aptitude for solving crimes. Sean also has a tender spot for Brooke and she for him. Although they keep their sensuous energy in check.

Their romantic interlude is stellar in my opinion and brought the right amount of heat and tenderness that made “Touch of Red” a delicious read.

My personal recommendation is to grab hold of this terrific read and enjoy the ride.

Book Blurb for Touch of Red

New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods” (Publishers Weekly) again with this gripping, “spellbinding” (Fresh Fiction) thriller full of twists and turns—the twelfth in her bestselling Tracers series.

When crime scene investigator Brooke Porter arrives at the home of a murdered woman, the only thing more shocking than the carnage is the evidence that someone escaped the scene. But where is this witness now? A thorough search of the area yields more questions than answers, and before Brooke even packs up her evidence kit, she’s made it her goal to find the witness and get them out of harm’s way.

Homicide detective Sean Byrne has seen his share of bloody crime scenes, but this one is particularly disturbing, especially because Brooke Porter is smack in the middle of it. Sean has had his eye on the sexy CSI for months, and he’s determined to help her with her current case—even if it means putting his attraction on hold so he and Brooke can track down a murderer. But as the investigation—and their relationship—heats up, Sean realizes that keeping his work and his personal life separate is more complicated than he ever imagined; especially when the killer sets his sights on Brooke.

With Griffin’s signature “fully fleshed characters, dry humor, and tight plotting” (Publishers Weekly), Touch of Red demonstrates why she is one of the most acclaimed and popular authors of sexy thrillers today.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50