Three's a Crowd

OMG, be careful when you play games with others. You may be surprised by the rules. Three's a Crowd is a whirlwind of a sensuous tale of three young twenty-something’s and the adventures of enjoying carnal relationships without commitments. L. J. Slocombe demonstrates his knowledge of BDSM and ménage a trois in his short but highly demonstrative, hot, saucy read which delights the senses. Three's a Crowd is written for the grown and sexy. Mr. Slocombe's characters are well defined and easy to identify with. The setting is on the blissfully and enchanting Caribbean island of Barbados. That alone is perfect for all things sinfully seductive. Three's a Crowd is a steamy blast of fire from the first chapter to the end. The rhythm generates the highest octane for a carnal explosions and may have you calling up a particular dear friend with benefits to calm your nerves.

Michael Bowen is intense and handsome. He has a hard body and has many talents. He is handsome and has a sensuous energy that is accentuated by his intelligence. He is an entrepreneur with a successful thriving business.

Nick is Michael's best friend and the two of them work out regularly at the same gym and know each other extremely well. The honesty of their relationship is endearing. Nick is perceptive and shares his wisdom freely.

Sonya is an inquisitive woman with the body of a goddess. Sonya enjoys her man and is diligent about the business of keeping her man happy, satisfied and carefree. Sonya is gorgeous with a shapely physique. She is intuitive and cautious, but not to a fault. She and Michael have been partners for quite some time. They respect each other and have an understanding that many adults can relate to and accept.

Krissy is as sexy as sin, which may be bad for the body and soul. She is a beautifully toned woman with mad carnal skills.

Three's a Crowd has plenty of raw sexually with a satisfying storyline that is crystal clear and harbors the excitement of a wild roller coaster ride without seat belts.

Three's a Crowd is the perfect length of erotica to occupy your mind as you wind down from a stressful work day or while waiting for an appointment as long as you are not seeing a cardiologist or OBGYN. Your reactions to Three's a Crowd maybe awkward to explain.

L.J. Slocombe has titillated the neurons of the brain with his narrative Three's a Crowd and is in my opinion a 4.5 stars read.

Book Blurb for Three's a Crowd

Michael enjoys his girlfriend Sonya, but she’s not “the one”. However, when she brings another woman into their bedroom, he believes he’s met his match. Krissy is definitely sexually adventurous and Michael has a taste for freedom.

But Krissy might be more than he can handle. When a game of BDSM goes horribly wrong, Michael wants out. But the grass is always greener on the other side, and Michael may be too late to reclaim what he’s lost.

Inside Scoop: Having an F/M/F ménage is just the beginning for our trio as they also engage in light bondage and asphyxiation and some F/F action.

An EC for Men contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50