Thou Shalt Love

Thou Shalt Trilogy Book 1

"Thou Shalt Love" is penned by the talented Sianh Nalika DeShield. It's a funny yet insightful story with many messages about life and love. The setting, character development and dialogue are true to the life experiences of many 21st century woman. Professional women all over the world must deal with the great divide between career and a personal life. They must deal with love/lust and everything in between.

Ms. DeShield’s is a gifted storyteller. In this tale she showcases three strong women of two generations. The story is powerful and speaks to the never-ending struggle women have endured since the beginning of time. Reading about Susan, Mildred and Grandma Louise is just like sitting in the living room having a conversation with the ladies. They discuss life, careers, love and the struggles of keeping secrets.

I enjoyed the blending of African culture and feeling the love of family with the contemporary issues that span continents.

It is easy to relate to the conflicts of the men and women in "Thou Shalt Love" because of the realism they possess. The flaws in their personalities and how they view various phases in life. This all makes this novel enjoyable and realistic. There is plenty of erotic events to steam of your eye glasses. The many life lessons are critical to understanding the struggles of life and love. The goals of Mildred and Susan are strong. They're powerful sisters with a stronger grandma who has plenty of ideas and words of wisdom to share.

Should you love in spite of being taken advantage of emotionally, physically? Can love cure all ills? Perhaps but how are your options judged by the outsiders? Should you care what others think and say? These are the issues the characters in this intriguing narrative present the reader with.

Read this true to life book with an open mind and a cool glass of your favorite beverage. Once you're engrossed in this tale you will be desiring the next installment.

I enjoyed Ms. De Shield’s tale of life across generations. Her strong and intelligent women are inspiring.

Book Blurb for Thou Shalt Love

Sisters of spirit and grown women, Susan and Mildred are reunited under the roof of their grandmother, Louise, where family and love always prosper. Yet, in their personal lives, Susan and Mildred find themselves unlucky in love time and again. Separately, they discover that keeping secrets from one another is a lonely journey, which ends in heartache. Only when they realize that they must face life’s challenges together do they see that they can survive, them against the world.

In a trilogy about growth and personal discovery, Susan and Mildred will navigate the winding roads of life side by side, contending with great change and learning that they must love, trust, and forgive, no matter what comes their way.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00