The Trip

Wow, Bianca Sommerland took my breath away with this erotic ride on a BDSM bus of pleasure and pain. The Trip is a short and sinfully delicious read that reflects all things bad girls’ loves. The story is packed with dark places that balance fantasy with reality on the thinnest lines of BDSM.

Mark, Mr. Goodbody, with the type of rippling muscles found on the body of a wrestler, body-builder or hockey player is the fiber that ties the reader and Shawna up with temptation, shame and desire.

Shawna has a body built for sin and she wears it well in her tight mini skirt and stilettos.

A good Dom knows his sub and Mark picks up on Shawna vibes and her desires immediately. He gets to the heart of the matter as he smoothly obtains her safe word and goes to work on her with precision, patience and not a lot of grace. Perhaps, that should be left to the views of the reader.

In this swift paced, intensely erotic narrative Ms. Sommerland had me falling all over my feet as I stumbled over my dripping wet lips as Mark and Shawna played together.

The Trip may make you wet with fear and desire under the hands a Dom and a Sub too hard-headed for their own good.

I relished The Trip and the throbbing sensations it provided via the powerful pounding keyboard beneath the talented fingers of Ms. Sommerland. Whew, if The Trip were longer than the double digit pages my contacts would have been seared to my eyeballs. The Trip is gritty, hot, dirty, and naughty and may drive you to confessing your sins to whomever is within earshot.

Thanks Ms. Sommerland for a wild ride on the dark side of all my fantasies. Shh! I am supposed to be a “good ol' lady. :-0

Book Blurb for The Trip

On the long trip back to Toronto from an art show in Detroit, Shawna’s bus makes an unexpected stop in the middle of nowhere. When the bus is evacuated, she ends up alone with a man who’s just as dark and dominant as the heroes in her favorite books. Her desires tempt her to let her guard down—to take a chance that he might be everything she needs—but how far is she willing to go? She’s afraid to find out . . . and even more afraid not to.

Special Content: Dubious Consent

Originally published with Noble Romance Publishing. Expect a re-release in late 2013.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00