The Transformation of Mandy

This is my first introduction to the works of Keiko Alvarez but I can assure you that it will not be the last. I have already ignited a buzz amongst my friends about this talented author and the magical manner of bringing the right amount of fire, well developed characters and carnality.

The Transformation of Mandy started with fire and sizzle as Clarence Williams and Masako Ito (Mandy) make love. Oh how enjoyable the session was and how patient and committed Clarence was as a lover. Hmm, he takes a woman down fantasy lane that most men fail to comprehend.

Clarence, however, isn’t perceived as that type of man by most. He is ripped and chiseled, granite hard. He has a semi-sweet chocolate body with bugles in all the right places. Clarence Williams is a massive NFL football player for the San Diego Chargers. He has a sweet endearing smile and generous energy. Could he have a dark side, secrets? Is he a “bad boy”?

Mandy is a tiny, delicate young woman who is incapable of resisting the body of a god who knows how to rock the womanly physique and psyche. Mandy is five foot two and of Asian heritage. She has a gorgeous body that causes men to lick their lips anticipating the savoring of her. She is also a former college graduate on a tennis scholarship. She is now working on obtaining a law degree. To finance her education and maintain a decent home, Mandy creates a business to support herself.

Clarence was able to make Mandy insane with the skills he employed on the field and sheets. He provides Mandy with feelings no one else could through a touch and love that is one in a million. Mandy wished it would never end. She falls deeply in love with Clarence and she relishes their time together.

Keiko Alvarez's Transformation of Mandy has a crisp tone and sexy mood that permeates through the pages of her narrative. Her writing style is reflective of a sculptor, sharp yet smooth, free flowing and irresistible. Keiko sets ablaze all of her readers' sensory receptors. I can honesty attest that my eye flew across the page. The twists and turns along with the carnalities will have hearts pounding and gasping for air. Ms. Alvarez has a powerful niche for painting picturesque settings and realistic dialogue. She is adept at designing her characters and their emotions as they become tangled in the web of suspension and fear, doubt. I like the sharpness Ms. Alvarez employs to addresses societal issues of our time...bigotry, illicit marital infidelity, carnal activities, broken hearts, etc.

If you are like me and appreciate a terrific story, mixed with a sports theme, this is the book for you. You’re in for a fast-paced, eye popping and suspenseful read.

It is a fabulous choice for adults to wrap their hands around.

Caution: You will need a few glasses of a frosty beverages to bring the heat down in the room. I loved the book. It is a 5 star erotic narrative in my opinion.

Ms. Alvarez you have a new fan to add to a long list.

Book Blurb for The Transformation of Mandy

Mandy Ito is a sexy, fun-loving part time law student, part time tennis instructor, part time prostitute, and part time homeless advocate. Mandy, by her own admission, loves too frequently and falls in love too often. No one would ever want to hurt her, but people close to her are being murdered, and she may be next on the list.

Desperate for answers, she turns to a handsome stranger with a grisly past, terrifying secrets, and an agenda of his own that will put Mandy in mortal danger.

To survive, Mandy must be transformed from the fun-loving young woman she is to a stone cold killer, and, along the way, she will experience sexual adventures beyond her wildest imagination. In the end, Mandy will find out what she needs to know, but at what cost, and will her trust in the stranger be her undoing?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00