The Only Way to Travel

Fear can stop one from really living. It can limit opportunities to smell the sweet fragrance of self-worth, love, faith and hope.

Keiko Alvarez brings a sense of irony, humor, and fairness in “The Only Way to Travel” through her magical wielding and vivid imagination. She takes her readers on journeys that blow sparks into the imagination. All five senses are in motion and she stakes her claim on the brain of her audience. I list her as a favorite author. Ms. Alvarez manufactures realistic drama into the lives of her characters, settings, dialogue and resolutions. Once again Ms. Alvarez writes a story that made me cheer, laugh out loud and shake my head in total enjoyment.

The main is Nancy Masiri's. Her happiness is centered on the life she shared with her beloved husband, Clarence. They are both young, smart, and good-looking with so much ahead of them as a couple. Nancy had a tiny issue that slowed down some of pending memorable excitements...fear of flying kept Nancy and Clarence grounded. Could this factor be a deal breaker after years of being together?

Nancy Masiri is a married woman who conceptualized a happy life with her man. She believed her marriage would be forever and always. But that might not be the case. Nancy is a resourceful lady of substance. She is sweet, intelligent, and beautiful. Plus she has a heart of loyalty.

Clarence brings Nancy big time news that he is traveling to South America…and without her.

The Only Way to Travel made me chuckle as I identified with the thoughts of Nancy Masiri. I delighted in the mysterious manner in which this short story took on a life of its own, possessing the beauty of fairness and the underpinning of sensuality.

Nancy's life takes on an adventure as she finds herself at a crossroads. She fathoms bringing along a few sensuous men who appreciate Nancy for her fine qualities, sexiness, and see her as a precious jewel of a woman with desires. It’s about time for things to change.

You have Don, Travis Garner, and Agent Time Kraft. There are three handsome men placed in her path along with plenty of adventure. You also have varying modes of transportation that cause her a source of agony. These gentlemen moved slowly into the quiet, lonely corners of her mind, body and soul shaking up things in marvelous ways. Nancy's brave and confident nature took her on the paths of growth rescuing her from fear and bestowing her with joy.

Along the way a lesson is learned in The Only Way to Travel. It’s that happiness is not just a way of getting from one place to another.

Ms. Alvarez's talented writing abilities took me on a trip that made me smile, which is a source of happiness. Want to go on a short mind vacation... hop aboard The Only Way to Travel!

Book Blurb for The Only Way to Travel

In just three days, life becomes bizarre for Nancy. It’s bad enough that her husband ran off with his new girlfriend, that she survived a plane crash and a train crash, and that she had a run-in with a terrorist. All of what’s happened to her is impossibly crazy—but the surprise waiting for her at home is crazier yet.

Pages: 42 | Heat Level: 2

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50