The Last First Daughter

Are you hankering for a fast moving read with the vibration of romance and intriguing situations reflective of current and relatable world events? Between the pages of “The Last First Daughter” you are brought on the scene of terrorism as hostile technology take overs. If that’s your thing, “The Last First Daughter” will satisfy your reading pleasures.

Ms. Fine creates a thrilling tale for young adults. These characters connect and are provide an insightful intelligence. The key characters are delightful and inspiring as they march through many obstacles facing them and the society at large. Imagine how your everyday life would be impacted if the communication elements you are so used to suddenly no longer existed. Daily living without the internet, computers, televisions, radios, etc. would causes much anxiety.

Lindy the daughter of the President of the USA is on the run since the terrorists have taken over. With the assistance of Henry, who is assigned to protect her and many others, Lindy is about to grow strong and independent while making her society a more resilient. The narrative teaches readers to think critically and to challenge themselves for the betterment of oneself as well as for the greater good of all members of society.

Lindy, Henry and Celene are a heroic team of creative thinkers who solve major problems to take back the country and the White House.

Ms. Fine creates strong, powerful women who all readers can appreciate and learn life lessons from. They venture out through their struggles to knock down the walls of turmoil facing the country.

The story elements are strong and keep the readers actively engaged with bated anticipation. The dialogue is realistic along with the plot. Readers get rising and falling actions.

Ms. Fine is a gifted author and provides young adults and teens with many lessons to and meaning to their lives.

I highly recommend “The Last First Daughter” as it will make for a great summer read.

Book Blurb for The Last First Daughter

~Editor's Pick~

Lindy is the only surviving member of the First Family.

During the first television broadcast in a decade, direct from the White House, terrorists attack. Eighteen-year-old Lindy escapes thanks to her secret service officer, Henry, and now finds her country under the control of a cruel, oppressive regime—and she and Henry the targets of a countrywide manhunt.

Using fake identities and Lindy’s engineering skills, which allow her to build a network of radios, Lindy and Henry join a group planning to fight back against the new regime. Lindy must decide if she can sacrifice the relationship closest to her heart, her safety, and possibly her life to give millions of others hope for their future, and take back the White House.

#dystopian #suspense #romance #teen #youngadult

14+ due to violence and adult situations

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.50