The Innocence Machine

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The Innocence Machine

Wouldn't life be easier to manage if there was such a machine capable of identifying truth from lies, innocence or guilt? Well perhaps we have in a sense this machine called the justice system, however it has been known on more than a hundred occasions to be WRONG. In being wrong many innocent people have served time in the pit of hell “prison” for crimes they did not commit.

In Keiko Alvarez's book “The Innocence Machine” she brings readers up close and personal with the tragedies of a man who was believed to be a murderer but in reality he did not commit such a hideous deed.

Ms. Alvarez does a splendid job of depicting the trauma forced upon a family and an innocent man. You feel the realism of the wheels of justice as they are spin towards costing a family their head of household, friends and a role model for their sons. There was a feeling of urgency as I read The Innocence Machine. The time ticked by quickly for Phil Rolfe as he is wheeled down toward the room of death. My heart was shattered as if I were a close friend or lover of Phil Rolfe. Ms. Alvarez writes with a sharp pen that pierces the heart and soul of her audience.

In the story the man rises from his frozen death-like state and breathes once more in the year 2072. Will he and this machine bring justice and fairness into a broken world? Dr. Walker brings Phil up to date on the changes that have taken place in the government and how this plan was a “blessing” that graced him with life once more.

Hmmm, I could see some religious connection as well as societal and government impacts on the lives of its people. In 2040 the Innocence Machine was manufactured as a quest to bring big changes to society. Its goal was to rid the world of evil, liars, thieves, murderers, etc.

The dialogue, characters, and state of the world during the time frame surrounding the book are reminisce of something from a futuristic movie with the realism of the current era. I can't express adequately in words the emotions, Ms. Alvarez implants in the innermost parts of the reader slapping around every sensory neuron and perhaps making new ones replace those we are used to. Wow, Ms. Alvarez is gifted to put it lightly. If a reader can resist being swallowed up into her narratives they must be zombies lacking souls. I can depend on Ms. Alvarez to place something deep in my mind that causes me to think reflectively for a few days. The Innocence Machine in my opinion, is a great book for a philosophy class, book discussion groups and politicians. This fantastic author ignites a quest within me to pay closer attention to what is going on around me and what the people we elect are doing with the laws we voted for. You can find laws that are changing in such a subtle manner they often are laden with mistrust, hatred, greed and wickedness. Can we as a people put away our self-hatred and join together to bring about love, peace, and harmony? We want to be free of this sick bureaucracy. No more death tolls with our morning meal. Oh, our government appears to have lost its feeling for life.

I loved this book, but now need something really silly to engage in to lift me up and blow some fresh air into my tiny world.

Keep writing Ms. Alvarez, you have so much to say and we are paying attention and awaiting with baited breath.

Book Blurb for The Innocence Machine

There's no such thing as the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Awakened after being cryogenically frozen for forty years, a death row inmate is cleared of a murder by The Innocence Machine, an infallible piece of machinery that has replaced juries and judges. Set free into a landscape ravaged by disease, he searches for his son, the only witness to the murder. There is only one problem-what if The Innocence Machine was wrong?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 5.00