The Ghetto

What a wild, short story you get in Keiko Alvarez’s narrative The Ghetto. This book takes the reader on a bizarre trip that began as an evening of fun and thrills. Ghetto is a club of sorts, an interactive theater where the audience is a vital element of the various vignettes.

Ms. Alvarez throws her reader into The Ghetto with a tail-spin. The setting, character reactions and dialogues are very believable.

The birthday date to remember was exactly the effect Ricky was going for to impress Kristy. The Ghetto was a pricey date for a college student and its experience made an indelible impression on Kristy and the secondary characters as well as the reader. The setting for the story is Atlantic City, New Jersey on a hot and muggy evening. The Ghetto club/theater developed quite a repetition for the outrageous activities going on within its walls.

Ricky wanted to do something different for the girl who had captured his heart and loins. Kristy is one of the hottest women on campus and most men adored her; some from a distance and others tried to get up close and personal. However Kristy is wise and skillful enough to keep howling horny “wolves” at bay.

Parker and Connie along with several other guests are taken on a gloomy emotional trek through reality. The audience participation has elements that were very disturbing for me and characters. The reason being its realism was entrenched in a heavy dark energy of sadness, brutality and despair. The depictions of the setting in the live theater were so realistic it is sure to leave a mark on the subconscious of the reader.

Ms. Alvarez has a powerful pen and her skills are well defined.

If you enjoy reading dark, raw and mind blowing stories The Ghetto will grab your attention and maintain it to the last word. The intensity embedded in The Ghetto made me appreciate the safety I enjoy and cherish at home. I found the story oppressive and dismal but well written. I have enjoyed other books by Ms. Alvarez because of the inclusion of all races, creeds and societal issues.

Book Blurb for The Ghetto

The Ghetto is the hottest attraction in Atlantic City, an adult fun house where the frights aren't supplied by skeletons and goblins popping out of the dark, but by ghetto scenes played out in front of the audience. When a loud mouth patron and his companion are executed, the audience howls with delight. After all, it was all part of the show. Or was it?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50