The Dom's Game

A Dark Love Novel, #1

If you are looking for an enjoyable and titillating read then you must try out “The Dom's Game”. The book has well developed main characters, dialogue, and a great plot. This BDSM story is a keeper and realistic. Ms. Hunter creates a heart throbbing narrative of two unlikely lovers who must keep their personal, sexual preferences a secret from prying eyes due to their professional careers. Can they do this successfully is the real question?

Trevor Adams is a professional NFL player who is looking for a sub. He trusts his friend Arnie's opinions when it comes to finding his special someone.

Nina Barkley is a middle school educator. She’s quiet, yet not a submissive type by any means.

Once Nina and Trevor are introduced by Arnie the electrifying sensual energies are apparent. But the chemistry is slightly rejected by both parties because their BDSM preferences are not a perfect match.

Will the interference of Trevor's ex Maggie blow the lid off the secret lives of Trevor and Nina? Can Nina allow herself to be a sub for Trevor and enjoy it? What happens after the shields are dropped and plausible exposure?

Pick up this sizzling tale of compromise. “The Dom's Game” is steamy and touches the audience's heart.

Book Blurb for The Dom's Game

Speculation over a star football player’s sex life threatens his public image and that of his submissive, a quiet middle school teacher.

As an NFL star player for the Memphis Kings, Trevor Adams lives his life in the spotlight. All except for one small part. In his hidden moments, he’s a Dom. In spite of the celebrity life and his alternative sexual preferences, none of his partners have managed to keep his interest for long. Until he meets Nina.

Nina Barkley is a quiet middle school teacher. Her life is the exact opposite of Trevor’s. Except for the shared interest in BDSM. She has been involved in the BDSM groups in and around Memphis ever since she moved there right after college. After years of experimentation, she considers herself a switch—able to be either a Dominant or a submissive depending on her partner and what they both want. Being introduced to Trevor turns her life upside down and makes her question her true preferences.

Between the threat of being exposed by the ever-present media, Trevor’s underlying fear he will be transferred to another team, and both their troubled pasts, will they be able to find what they need in each other before they are pulled apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.50