The Disappearance

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The Disappearance

Jillian Keating didn't want to be without the handsome, calm, and artistic man she thought was her everything. Imagine her frustration and distress when she discovers the crack in Ryan Cornell's character.

Ryan was not the man she thought she knew, loved and trusted; she did not know how or when the relationship went wrong. They had so much in common ... loneliness, heartbreaking events as young children, and a passion for art.

The Disappearance is penned by Susan Berliner, an author with a great imagination. She writes a well-balanced storyline. This is my introduction to Ms. Berliner and her writing and I must say that I was hooked from page one to the end. Ms. Berliner has manufactured a suspenseful read for a main stream audience. The Disappearance has many twists and spiraling turns. The events captivated me and kept me glue to the book. The Disappearance provided me with a few enjoyable hours of mystery and deception.

The book has the perfect set up for the unsuspected love struck character of Jillian Keating. She is the main character in this bewitching narrative. The book has as many twists as a spiraling tornado twirling and sweeping up the debris of the reader's imagination and emotions. The story elements are depicted so creatively that the words transform into a mind's theater packed full of action, suspense and enough romance to give it the intriguing punch. I found the characters believable and the dialogue logical and realistic. I effortlessly bonded with the spirited main characters and I found the secondary characters to be colorful and full of energy as they took the wild often unpredictable ride back in time.

Imagine being deceived by a lover and framed for a crime you did not commit. Could someone be that mean-spirited plotting to win your heart, mind and emotions as an act of revenge? Jillian has been the victim of a relationship gone awry, luckily she has dear friends who have her back and provide her with the necessary support to believing in her innocence. Her sharp attorney and working associate Helene, investigator Alex Drury.

Cheri is Jillian's best friend and a dancer in the club Ooh-La-La. They are all involved in catching Ryan in his web of deception. The deal is on and poppin' with Ryan as the struggling fish on the other end of the string of lies.

Ms. Berliner's The Disappearance is a terrific read. It is appropriate for readers over 15. It is a gratifying and suspenseful read for both young adults as well as adults.

I highly recommend The Disappearance. Its message is thought provoking and one young adults must keep in mind as they mature into adulthood.

Book Blurb for The Disappearance

When Jillian Keating is arrested for the murder of her missing boyfriend, Ryan Cornell, she has two immediate questions: Why did he frame her—and where is he hiding?

Using her own ingenuity, plus the help of a resourceful lady lawyer and a dashing young private investigator, Jillian discovers the surprising—and disturbing—answers. Her boyfriend is not what he appears to be. The real Ryan, consumed with hate, has devised an ingenious scheme to destroy her while he escapes into the past via a hidden time travel portal. But even knowing all this, Jillian is left with a more difficult question: How can she capture Ryan and bring him back?

Filled with memorable characters, bizarre twists, and riveting suspense, The Disappearance culminates with an elaborate sting operation as Jillian and her friends travel through time to lure Ryan into their clever trap. If they succeed, she will go free. But if they fail, Jillian will surely face murder charges for the death of Ryan Cornell.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50