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“Split” is a fascinating read. It grabs the audience by their head, heart and soul.

The characters development and the story elements blend well together and create a spine tingling roller coaster ride of raw emotion, abuse and a sense of glee at times.

Lucas and Shyann are truly strange together because of their personal baggage and goals for the future. Their lives create and demonstrate to the reader that struggles of various types can make you stronger or blow you out of the game of life.

The setting of the small town has a real crispness that I enjoyed. The dialogue between the characters is so realistic with threads of unpredictability. “Split” kept me enthusiastically engaged.

Split is an enjoyable read for anyone who has ever been in a dreamscape and the next day life seems not to match up as usual.

Book Blurb for Split

New York Times bestselling author J. B. Salsbury delivers a contemporary romance with a suspenseful twist.After her career goes sour, Shyann finds herself jobless, penniless, and packing for her hometown--where unwanted memories await.

Lucas needs the quiet life. And that's exactly what he's found in Payson, Arizona. For the first time in his life, he finally feels like his mind is in check. Lucas has suffered from blackouts since he was a child. He knows he's not like other guys.

But when Lucas meets his boss's daughter, her probing eyes and personal questions pick away at his barriers. Shyann is everything he should never have...everything he wants. And soon the blackouts return. The last thing he wants is to expose how dangerous he can be--but he's helpless, and it could cost him Shyann.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.50