South by Southeast

A Tennyson Hardwick Novel

South by Southeast is penned by the gifted collaborations of Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes bringing forth another award winning installment of the Tennyson series. South by Southeast is a tightly woven narrative that incorporates the lives of characters from the previous three books. I was impressed with how the sequence of events continues as reality exhibits in life.

I found the development of every character so well sculptured in every nuance. The secondary characters are critical supportive members of South by Southeast and were meaningful partners to the implementation of this suspenseful, jaw dropping, and rapid paced read. The authors demonstrated their skills as they chiseled out the stunning characters: Tennyson, Chela, Captain Hardwick, Marcella, Gustavo Escobar, and Maria. The main and secondary characters are beautiful sculptured and realistic with their personalities, their life conflicts. The settings were easy to identify: Miami and Hollywood are created vividly. The thriller South by Southeast is as captivating as a high speed ride in a Ferrari or Lamborghini in the Nevada desert.

The book is packed with the elements of a great action-packed novel. It is suspenseful and strongly realistic. The writers’ style, flow, and language vividly depicts settings, emotions, rising action and resolution.

I found the flashbacks meaningful to reinforce information utilized in previous books of the Tennyson series.

In this installment of the Tennyson series; Tennyson Hardwick wants a shot at his dream to be on the silver screen. As we all know, often our dreams manifest but may show up with a tiny unexpected foreseen wrinkle. Tennyson experiences this aspect wrapped around his dream and has to deal with the unexpected difficult situations. So what, Ten has some wrinkles in the fabric of his dream and the impact that accompanies it. Will he pull it out of the jaws of the devil? Does Ten's vision have a nightmare surrounding it and his step-daughter Chela's previous lifestyle?

Tennyson must once again to pull out his old private investigator skills when one of Chela's friend’s Marie is found murdered.

The authors did an excellent job of providing the reader with subtle life lessons of age, love, tenderness, and suspense. I was completely engage in the story South to Southeast and I believe other readers of this series will not be disappointed. My question is what are Ms. Due, Mr. Underwood, and Mr. Barnes going to do for the fifth book?

South by Southeast is an awesome read and I look forward to the next sensational magic touch of Mr. Underwood, Ms. Due and Mr. Barnes. I personally envision a series of movies birthed from this series.

Book Blurb for South by Southeast

The fourth installment in this award-winning mystery series draws actor-turned-super-sleuth Tennyson Hardwick into his most challenging case, compelling him to face the unthinkable: save his daughter or the woman he loves.

South by Southeast, a title inspired by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, finds Tennyson and his family in South Beach, Florida, where he is filming his role in a television detective series. Ten’s soon-to-be-adopted daughter, Chela, runs into old friend Maria from her earlier days as a prostitute in Los Angeles. The pair dives into the South Beach club scene, but Maria mysteriously goes missing. 

     When Maria’s body washes ashore, Chela and the authorities fear that her suspicious death is connected to a serial killer preying on young prostitutes. Tennyson believes he knows who the killer is, but the suspect escapes when the actor-detective tries to capture him.

     When it’s believed the suspected killer may have committed suicide, things return to normal for Ten and his family. But the respite doesn’t last long, and Tennyson discovers someone is after him, his girlfriend, and Chela. Realizing it’s the killer who’s terrorizing him, Ten is presented with a lose-lose dilemma: save his daughter or the woman he loves.

     In a pulse-pounding thriller that could be described as Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins meets Miami Vice, Tennyson Hardwick is back big time with his trademark sexiness, sizzle, and James Bond-like sophistication.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00