Sky is Over

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Sky is Over

Can you envision the world as you know it coming to an end? Gone are the people, the places, sounds, and life's events which formed your vibrant personality. Those memories gone forever!

Eric M. Bosarge is the author of a compelling and often mind-bending narrative entitled “Sky is Over”. He takes his audience through a series of trips through the beautiful psyche of the human mind.

Mr. Bosarge is a multi-faceted wordsmith who captivates the imagination of his reader with animation and colorful language to conjure up visions that I found compelling and believable.

The characters, settings, and conflicts are aptly described to the point that your senses are connected to the story elements like a finely tuned instrument.

Have you ever been so in tune with another human being that you know their thoughts and feelings without breathing a word? Some talented individuals harness a relationship of love and friendship that it is possible to blend their minds and souls together to function in unison from time to time and sometimes spread to others in their intimate circle. You get that in this book.

Christian and Patrick the key characters in “Sky is Over”. They are two friends who have such a highly intuitive relationship that their beings mesh seamlessly together in reality and imagination. I often was so drawn into the characters that I became a bit perplexed and wondered if I would ever bond with another person as these two best friends had?

“Sky is Over” is a challenging and absorbing read, but I must say that it requires determination to stay mindful and not get lost along the psychological twists and turns.

Book Blurb for Sky is Over

When Christian, a brash young psychologist, and his best friend, Patrick, a washed-up, born again ex-marine, develop psychic abilities, the bond of their friendship feels unbreakable. Christian thinks he’s got it made, immediately using the ability to make his practice more effective and to seduce a sexy coworker.

But when Christian accidentally uncovers a repressed memory of abuse in Patrick, their unbreakable bond becomes strained, plunging him into a nightmare world where he cannot trust his perceptions, his intuition with his patients, or his closest friend.

To make matters worse, the psychic ability is contagious, first spreading to every patient Christian used it on, and then to everyone who comes in contact with his patients, causing mass hysteria in their small city. When the government steps in and declares martial law, it becomes clear that Christian has to fight to save his sanity, his friendship, and the lives of everyone he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50