Satisfying the Curse

NESA, #2

Satisfying the Curse by a talented author Kelly Gendron is an intriguing novel chock-full of unexpected occurrences that hook you once you get use to Ms. Gendron's writing style and how she introduces the reader to the character known as Juliana.

The main characters: Ana, Agent T. Ryker, Daddy Pritchard, Josie along with a difficult to understand main character Juilana; have personalities you have dealt with as an adult. Juliana takes some getting used to since she is the alter-ego of Ana. Of course, each has conflicting objectives and goals to achieve. Once I caught on to the rhyme and the author's writing style as she incorporates Juliana and multiple personality aspect into the story, I was hooked. After I got passed the first few chapters of the novel it becomes so intriguing, with many twists and turns. Ms. Gendron creates wild roller coaster rides for the reader that make it impossible to disengage from Satisfying the Curse. I felt as if I was cursed by the book because of its magnetic power over me. The plot is well developed and the rising action, conflict and resolution are full of unexpected jaw-dropping events.

Agent T. Ryker is so ruggedly handsome, manly, strong and extraordinary at his job. I would love being in Ana's place around Agent Ryker.

Warren Pritchard is a billionaire, Ana's father, who knows how to exploit others regardless of their stature in life.

Ana/ Juliana is a beautiful woman who strives to accomplish her life's mission. Ana is strong-willed although often a people-pleaser while possessing phenomenal intellectual abilities. She is my kind of take no prisoners woman.

Make no mistake Ms. Gendron characters Ana and Ryker have the hottest magnetic chemistry I have read about in a while. The dialogue between the characters is realistic and the witty banter between Ana and Ryker is comical; I related to situations and I would use the same remarks.

Satisfying the Curse is now one of my favorite books because of the psychological element and sexiness. Plus it is loaded with adventure and an unpredictability that makes for a fabulous page-turner.

You will enjoy Satisfying the Curse if you like using your critical thinking skills as you engage in reading a novel. I know I did and I will look for more of Ms. Gendron's books now and in the future.

Excellent Job, Ms. Gendron!!

Hit by a whammy, pow, what, why does this have to happen to me? “You have a “curse” on your head as a result of your mother. This inherited negative energy has been passed down to you and there is nothing you can do to alleviate it. When it rears its ugly head you will be so out of control, your behavior becomes so bizarre you will not recognize yourself ”, states a father to his only daughter.

Can you image living this negativity following you, wearing it on your back like a sign?

Ana now having made it to early adulthood without any issues with the “Curse” her father refers to every chance he gets. Ana feels she may have this nasty “Curse” creature under control. “Perhaps my father, the highly esteemed business man, billionaire lied about everything he told me to control me, thought Ana”.

Book Blurb for Satisfying the Curse

Juliana Pratt is cursed. Her father's warned her many times she’s destined to be a wanton just like her adulteress mother. It’s why he’s kept her in all-girls schools, hidden away from his elite society. However, when her father's arrested for murder, he needs Juliana to come into the spotlight to portray the doting daughter. Juliana agrees to the interviews and talk shows, but before she goes on the two-week tour of lies about her father, and with him behind bars and unable to stop her, she must first take care of her starving curse.

And Juliana picks the perfect man to get the job done. She secures him to a bed, but fails terribly at finishing the task. Her thoroughly teased curse is left famished. Later, Juliana discovers that the man she’d chosen to fulfill her every fantasy is also the agent assigned to protect her for the next two weeks. Her curse becomes relentless and will stop at nothing until the delectable Agent T. Ryker has satisfied its hunger.

Agent T. Ryker prides himself on his discipline—that is, until his new assignment, Juliana Pratt, puts that renowned discipline to the ultimate test. Once he discovers that Juliana is the woman who drugged and handcuffed him to the bed in his hotel room, he also finds out her true identity. Ryker agrees to satisfy Juliana’s ravenous curse, but he has his own reasons for doing it, and it's not just to give Juliana’s body what it craves... for there is something else Agent T. Ryker wants from Juliana Pratt...

Reader Alert!

When engaged in conversation, Juliana Pratt tends to draw from her vast textbook knowledge. However—beneath his touch—Juliana can't find the appropriate words to describe the wicked things Agent T. Ryker does to her body!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50