Raising Hell

Devil May Care Series, #1

Who knew that all the strange changes that pop up are the tools of the devil just “Raising Hell”? What a clever fellow! Lucifer the King of Evil and Sin has a simple job for his sons to perform. The Kingdom and Throne of Sin is the reward for the son who can masterfully pull this task off without a hitch.

Julie Kenner imagination and characters made Raising Hell such a good read. The heat from the fires on Hell added smoking, sizzle and pop to this erotic paranormal narrative. I became gluttonous for the tingling sensations and mouth-watering, sinfully rich sensuality. It was oh so yummy and sent chills up my spine. The ride on the Raising Hell rollercoaster makes you want to get loud and raise hell with someone hot.

Ms. Kenner did a fantastic job of creating this delightfully devilish read. The characters are easy to relate to. The earthly settings are realistic and the actions of intimate activities rocked the gate of Hades.

Nicholas Velnias, Lucifer’s middle son is a sexy, carnal driven creature who is extremely handsome, with a masterful artist’s eye and touch of a magician. He’s a fellow readers will want to behold. Nick’s ability for acquiring the soul each of us possesses and treasures is incomprehensible. He executes the extraction of the soul with such incredible precision making losing it so delicious. The missing piece of the soul is snipped away and usually not missed.

Nick is on a special assignment from his father. He is to take the soul of a particular well known minister’s daughter. It just so happens that his target has been the subject of his dreams and musings for as long as he can remember.

Delilah Burnett is a minister’s daughter, she is breathtakingly beautiful and has all of the jewels Nick has been seeking for his canvas and possession. Delilah is somewhat “delusional and charmingly naïve” at times, to quote the author. These qualities are just the morsels of Delilah that Nick has been hunting for as long as he can remember. Sometimes good girls can be turned out and away from the lessons they have learned at the wink of an eye. The wink of Nicholas’ eye possessed that kind of power.

Hmm, if I were in the room when Poppa Lucifer shows up you can bank on my disappearance with the quickness :-) Where is the nearest church?

The development of the characters and other story elements in Raising Hell are carefully crafted by Ms. Kenner. The challenge and the conquest burn up the pages and sheets. Yummy!

The secondary characters: Stacey, Carrie and Reverend Burnett are colorful and support the overall storyline in Raising Hell. Readers are in for a steamy heart racing pace with the silkiness of the finest silk across the bare skin, oh so; smooth and seamless.

The tallest glass of ice water was not enough to cool me down after this fire ball of a read. The length of Raising Hell is short, but its impression is long lasting. I am still walking around with a naughty smile on my face from the depictions of Ms. Kenner’s mind.

Playing footsies with the devil to achieve a personal goal can be dangerous business as Nick and Delilah learn.

I am certain that Raising Hell will be one titillating experience that will bring warmth to every inch of your body.

Where's the next one!

Book Blurb for Raising Hell

They were the baddest of the bad, the illegitimate sons and daughters of Satan, who had managed to make love, raise hell, and milk life in a manner worthy of their heritage. Until the day the devil himself needs to name his heir apparent. So who will the next ruler of Sin City be?

As the second son of Satan, Nicholas Velnias is certain he has no chance of stepping into his father’s shoes. But when his older brother fails to win the keys to hell, Nick is suddenly the favored son. And the task to prove his worth is so simple he knows that he can’t fail—all he has to do is steal the soul of a woman. How hard can that be?

After all, Nick steals bits of soul every day, infusing them into canvas and pigment to add that panache to the masterpieces that have brought him fame and fortune.

But when Nick meets Delilah Burnett, the innocent daughter of a preacher who’s bad for the devil’s business, all hell breaks lose. Because while Nick may have set out to steal the girl’s soul, in the end she’s the one who steals his heart.

The first in the Devil May Care Series by Julie Kenner and Dee Davis.

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Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50