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Ophélie is a short but intense narrative of love, passion, lust, vulnerability and sensuality. These are conveyed by the gifted quill wielding author ~ figuratively speaking~, Mary Carol Moran. Ms. Moran does an extraordinary job of presenting the other side of psychology that may be hidden deeply beneath our deepest sexual fantasies. Through her writing we see a mind altering tale of eroticism.

Ophélie is an all adult read with a variety of acts of wild carnality that can only be appreciated and understood by a mature adult. Ms. Moran paints graphic portraits through a series of dreams held deep within the heart and mind of Ophelia. Ophélie appears to be plagued with the “good-girl syndrome” many older women 60's/70's + experienced via the indoctrinations regarding sexuality by parents, guardians and the religious sector. I could feel Ophelia’s reluctance to free herself with her beloved husband Wes as she appears to hold fast to those repressed notions to share her entire self with her mate. Although she would love to fly freely into the intimacies with her husband, Wes, she experiences a sense of restraints. I could identify with Ophélie and her ideas of letting go to enjoy all the wonders of intimate abandonment with a totally committed partner.

Ms. Moran's narrative Ophélie delivers a steamy and euphoric state of being in the dream state. It’s a place where fantasies can come true, without being judged by others. No one knows what is behind the veil of pleasure stored in one’s mind. Ms. Moran incorporates all of the elements of a steamy erotic story that encompasses the mind, body and soul of the reader. She takes her mature audience on a ride that can only be accomplished by a creative, open minded writer lacking inhibitions of sexual content.

There is an abundance of sexual tension, frustration, and conflicted emotions between Ophélie, Wes and Scott. Scott and Ophélie have an electrifying attraction that is ironic and I enveloped myself in their escapades.

Scott and Ophélie are colleagues in the field of psychology and know the inner workings of the subconscious. There are other characters that impact the flow of Ophélie and her state of being: George and Brian.

I loved the psychology of inserting BDSM, race, suicide, youth and wild imaginations. It showed the shadows a creative mind can build. Ophélie shows those elements being transformed into the physical, mental and emotion realms.

Are the carnal, titillating moments of sensuality only a figment of Ophélie's over active imagination or a reality? The mind is the environment where all fantasies may eventually become reality. Right?!

Ms. Moran’s approaches of the world of erotic fantasies and the psychological elements made the book, Ophélie, more entertaining for me since I enjoy the mind games played out in the personal psychosis we all share at some point.

Ophélie is a short must read for the summer perhaps on the way to a relaxing environment where whatever happens in _____stays in _____. :-))

Book Blurb for Ophélie

Dear Reader, Unlike my other novels, Ophélie is not a sexy fun romantic adventure. Ophélie plunges deep into the dark, engrossing world of self-destructive sexual obsession.

Have you ever had an erotic dream so real, so intense, you weren't sure whether you'd actually fucked or not? Ophélie is a young college professor of psychology. Her husband Wes adores her. Yet she finds herself having violent erotic dreams about a male colleague. As the dreams spill over into her waking life, Ophélie's mind slowly unravels, and she succumbs to the seductive allure of a world of forbidden, humiliating, undeniable pain and pleasure.

Have you have ever been sexually obsessed? Have you ever wondered whether you'd survive or die? Drown yourself, for a few hours, in Ophélie's world.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50