Never Tomorrow

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Never Tomorrow

“Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

This quote rings true in the awesome, nail biting, mystery “Never Tomorrow”. This book is penned by the talented Judith Rolfs. Her in depth personal knowledge and understanding of the human nature and spirituality brings the issues of women and relationships to life.

The “Never Tomorrow” characters are clearly defined and easy to connect with on multiple levels. The reason being the multi-faceted personas and the complexities of the story elements. The features developed in Ms. Rolfs’ narrative captivate the reader’s attention and leaves an imprint on their minds and souls.

Imagine the painful ache in one’s heart, soul, body, and mind when shocking, unexpected news of your mother’s death grabs you? This notion is compounded because this meaningless loss takes place in Ireland while on vacation. How horrific!

In “Never Tomorrow” we get the main character Whitney Barnes. She is a new investigative reporter. She learns of her mother’s death but also sees a possible connection with the demise of three other women.

The psychological twists and turns of events in “Never Tomorrow” jab their serrated edges into the reader’s mind leaving raw wounds that remain sensitive for moments after the resolution.

Thanks to the help and companionship of Dr. Sarah Stevens and the real estate businessman and show host Jordan, life takes on a deeper richness than Whitney could have imagined in the wake of the death and despair that pops up throughout her search for meaning and understanding of the many “what ifs and whys” in the narrative. The compelling tenderness entwined in the storyline gives a sense of reality to the plot as well as the rising action and conclusion.

Will Whitney’s determination to understand the death of three other women as well as her mother’s throw her into the murderer’s path? All too often when an investigator probes to close to the core of the crime that individual may become the next victim.

I highly recommend reading this well-developed and suspenseful novel. The author is truly convincing. This psychological thriller will keep you turning the pages to the last sentence.

In my person opinion “Never Tomorrow” is a novel that is right on time with elements and events that are relevant in the lives of women everywhere.

Book Blurb for Never Tomorrow

A compelling mystery with a powerful theme of forgiveness and healing...

Journalist Whitney Barnes investigates the mysterious death of her mother and three women from Cortland City seeking the thread that links them to an enigmatic killer. Why are women being murdered with no apparent motives for their death? Police are mystified at the lack of clues and a growing sense of fear surrounds the community. Who will be the next victim?

Determined to find the killer, Whitney discovers these women were dealing with wounds from their troubling pasts, but what was their connection? She teams up with Dr. Sarah Stevens, an expert on women’s issues, to ferret out information while TV talk show host Rich and real estate broker Jordan vie for Whitney’s affection.

Whitney discovers new strength within her but is it powerful enough to cope with this dark force of evil? Suspense escalates as Whitney becomes the killer’s next target.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.00