Mate Not Wanted

Bachelor Auction, #1

Mate Not Wanted is a story of friendship, kindness and devotion to family and those dear. That caring attitude frequently requires denying oneself.

Mate Not Wanted has a setting that rolls along from the gaming field, team relationships to a local hang-out club. This club is where there is an auction of shapeshifters. That auction is part of a charity event to help children in need. The unselfish vibe is endearing throughout the story. This vibration reinforces the need for us to think of others before ourselves. This is the highlight of the narrative.

The characters are defined and easy to relate to, however, their interactions are so slow and seems to drag on forever.

Madison and Pierce are shapeshifters of different breeds and have been playing footsies with each other mentally and the physical action appears to be non-existence. The title fits the behavior of the characters. Madison and Pierce are attracted to one another but must play a game of cat and mouse which become repetitive and unexciting.

Madison a lioness. She is a devoted daughter and for over a year a caregiver for her ill father. She has not had a date in so long. She can’t remember what to the dating and mating protocol is.

Pierce is a tiger and a philanthropist. He quickly picks up the aromatic fragrance of Madison and she picks up his.

She is coming into her heat and is in need of a mate, but the two of them clumsily move around each other with doubt and suspicion.

The club where they frequent has an auction. With a little help of friends, Madison and Pierce are forced to deal with each other. The club caters to a variety of sensuous activities. Individuals prepare profiles to find a sexy, sometimes romantic encounter of carnal bliss.

Pierce (tiger shifter) and Ryan (cheetah shifter) have the bodies of athletes and Madison the physique of a sexy goddess. Her body has been enhanced by the sensual attire selected by her friends for the hot date with the prize ...Pierce.

Ryan is Pierce's best friend and willing to be a part of the games. Pierce is determination to mate Madison.

The story moved a bit too slowly for me. The writing was smooth but lacks the ability to titillate my five senses due to the prolonged pussy footing dance the characters were engaged in. The BDSM representation was present yet was very mechanical in my opinion. The BDSM apparatus was aptly described.

I could not get into the story although it is well written. I liked the lack of graphic dialogue which can often be distracting.

Make Not Wanted in my opinion is a three star read. I would read book two just to see if the series bounces into a more vigorous read.

Book Blurb for Mate Not Wanted

Letting Madison go unmated? Pierce won’t stand for it…

Lioness shifter Madison doesn’t want to be mated. So when her friends bid and win tiger shifter Pierce McKinney at the Bachelor Auction, she knows she’s screwed. Pierce is the one man who can get under her skin. Especially when she knows that sex with Pierce will burn hotter than the sun…

Pierce McKinney has been trying without luck to wear Madison down. So when her friends win him at a charity auction, he’s determined to win her for his own. He’ll give her what she needs and desires, and he’ll even bring in a friend to play to her fantasies. But Madison belongs to him, and only him. And he intends to show her that he plays for keeps. Even if she’s too stubborn to admit it. Because Pierce is too stubborn to let her walk away…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 3.00