Hearts Afire: August

Hearts Afire is penned as a collaboration of three kindred minds and souls creating a tender yet titillating romance that will in my opinion manufacture some powerful sparkles and shivers throughout your being. The collaboration of these three unique writers brings action, glamour, heroics, strength all scrunched in the flames of lust and trust.

Yasmine Van Cort is a firefighter and aides in the rescue of an infant. The parents are lost leaving their first born 10 month old little girl to be reared by her loving uncle. Sedeo Parker is one of the loving relatives of the infant Shelby. He will do whatever is in the best interest of the growth and development of the baby.

Yasmine is one of several courageous firefighters who answered the desperate call one evening by neighbors of a house that is engulfed in searing heat and blazing fire. The house is the home of a young family of three.

Yasmine Van Cort is attractive, hardworking, driven and independent. She has dedicated her life to being a firefighter and has been involved with both victims and survivors of losing homes, loved ones, etc. She is familiar with the emotional turmoil that accompanies the tragedy. She manages to stay upbeat, fit and understanding throughout its rewards and losses.

Yasmine rescues the baby from the burning home of Sedeo Parker's sister and brother-in-law who unfortunately did not survive the ordeal.

Sedeo Parker is a handsome rugged man smelling of sensuality wrapped in vanilla and scandalwood. He has a deep husky voice that could melt steel. Sedeo appears at the scene of the family he loved embroiled in flames. It detonates and all is truly lost with no hope of reuniting the lovely new family of three.

Shelby brings family and friends souls together via her innocent love in a time when pain and heartbreak are fresh.

The characters, settings, and dialogue are realistic and draw the reader into the narrative as a bewitching figment of a smoky hypnotic beckoning of a long finger nail bringing you closer and closer until ...there is no escaping its power. Sedeo found an angel in the rumble and smoke.

In Hearts Afire I relished the flow of the story's emotional highs, lows and intensity between Sedeo and Yas. You feel the conflict of Yas' duties as a rescuer and the physical and spiritual bond in the lives of Sedeo, Diana, George, Yas and sweet little Shelby.

Ms. Jefferies, Ms. Burke and Mr. James do a fantastic job of allowing the emotions to run free and raw on multiple levels taking the reader down to a slow burn on several occasions with the activities between the Yaz and Sedeo. I was engrossed by the understanding, yet selfishness of some of the characters because their responses were so down to earth and gripping as they tried to maneuvered through emotional distress and restoration.

The adult love scenes were smoky, searing and piercing deeply into the very core of my being.

Hearts Afire August made perfectly good sense and I fell in love with all of the characters, even Diana and George.

If you enjoy reading an intensely emotional plot that brings closure to almost irreconcilable differences you will be delighted with Hearts Afire August and the meshing of talents these authors manufactured to keep you captivated from the first smoke signal to the lost puff of smoke that is distinguished in Hearts Afire August.

Book Blurb for Hearts Afire: August

Wicked Burn

McKenna Jeffries and Aliyah Burke

Firefighter Yasmine Van Cort is used to saving people and knows sometimes, not everyone can be rescued. Yet something about her last fire rescue keeps bothering her. She cannot forget the anguish of the man who lost his sister and brother-in-law, the man who is now the guardian of the sole survivor of the horrible fire—an innocent baby. Yasmine knows getting involved with those you save can be a bad idea, but she cannot resist checking on him. What she finds is an unexpected complication which will change her forever.

Sedeo Parker lost the last of his family and now has to care for his infant niece. Distraught at the loss and the responsibility, he is overwhelmed when the woman who saved his niece comes by. His mixed emotions of gratitude and fury that she did not save everyone leave him reeling. The unexpected flash of desire for her only complicates things.

Yasmine knows with her career, a real relationship is difficult at best. Add in a victim of fire, and it makes it doubly so. Sedeo, after losing everything to fire, does not know if he can let himself become involved with a woman who fights the very thing he is afraid of. Together, they will have to decide if it’s worth it to take a chance on a wicked burn.

Dangerous Beauty

Roscoe James

Stephanie Irene Nolan, Sin, doesn’t think she’s very pretty. As an ex-Marine, two tours in Iraq have left her scarred and a little battered. An adrenaline junkie hiding out in small town Colorado, she prides herself in being just as strong, just as fast, and a hell of a lot brighter than any man. That is until she meets her match in the annual Bucket Brigade run.

Brandon Long, ex-pudge and computer nerd, has been in love with Sin longer than she could ever guess. A man with a purpose, he sets out to win the race, then win her heart.

What neither of them knows is that while they’re dancing the delicate dance of courtship and love, someone other than Cupid has them in his crosshairs. Danger, humor, and some really hot sex set the sheets and the boarding house on fire in this tale of love lost, love found, and death defied.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00