Guardian is penned by talented storyteller A.L. Wiley. A.L. tastefully creates an erotic, paranormal, mystery with all the elements a reader looks for in a book. Guardian has plenty of razzle dazzle that can accelerate a pulse. The story flows easily teasing all of the sensory elements with grace and lots of heavy breathing. The characters are realistic, entertaining and full of energy reminding the reader of people they know and therefore can relate to. The backdrop of Guardian is in the Midwestern college town of Lawrence, Kansas.

If it is true that everyone has a guardian watching over them from the other worlds then I want mine to be the as manly, strong and sensuous as Rohan.

Jaqueline Tournay, known as Jax, is a confident, sexy, no nonsense detective who has the tenacity of a soldier and is focused on the murder of a KU student.

Rohan is an immortal and protector with all the power and strength I believe could take on any Super Hero.

Masterfully, Ms. Wiley conjures up a delightful, steamy, lusty read that one can enjoy with a large mug of something delicious, snuggled up in their favorite chair on any week-end afternoon. There are several tasty morsels that will have the reader gripping the book with hungry anticipation.

The main and secondary characters are realistic and support each other nicely giving the story a well-developed plot and resolution. The magical way Guardian flows as sensuous narrative with ancient connections tied together with the present made me pause and wonder what if.

The characters exhibit powers of fairies, demons, priestess, witches, and half-breeds from various clans working together for perhaps the greater good.

I really appreciate the strategies Ms. Wiley utilized to draw her audience into the narrative and then hit them much later with the sizzling punch.

Ms. Wiley has a winner here and in my opinion has created the proper vibe for me to hope Guardian is the beginning of sizzling paranormal series.

Book Blurb for Guardian

Lawrence, Kansas, is usually a boring place, but when a young woman is murdered under mysterious circumstances all that changes for Detective Jax Tournay. She will do anything to solve the case, including taking on a big, sexy, immortal blood drinker.

As a Guardian, Rohan is responsible for every living thing in his area, including the enigmatic Jax. He is surprised to discover she seems immune to his allure, while his senses are almost overwhelmed by her intoxicating scent. He is determined to have her, but their relationship might not survive the evil magical forces that stand in their way.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00