Denying Bjorn

Charisma Knight has penned a beautiful, sensual love story with characters that are charismatic, intelligent, and multi-talented. You also get plenty of suspense and unexpected twists and turns as the characters maneuver through pain and falsehoods. Her crisp writing style makes Denying Bjorn a fast-paced read. In Denying Dijorn two wonderful, realistic, and caring individuals develop a fascination for each other in the work place. Should the boss and employee become involved in a relationship outside of business? Is denying oneself happiness for the sake of professionalism worth the sacrifice?

Lydia is a young multi-faceted woman who has been exposed to a variety of “off the main path” development into adulthood. These experiences shaped her life into adulthood. We all experience challenges during the process on the bumpy road to adulthood.

Lydia is a woman with a delicious mocha complexion, sexy soulful brown eyes and a soft understated sex appeal. She is a woman of independence and determination and is capable of never letting her past failures inhibit her quest for building a better lifestyle. Lydia is a person I would honor as a dear friend.

Dawn is related to Lydia; cousins since their mothers are sisters. Their mom's worked in the world's oldest profession and ran a brothel. Dawn has the appearance and demeanor that is outlandish and often abrasive. She is selfish and proud of her wicked backstabbing ways.

Bjorn is an outstanding, sensitive, and caring boss. His is a protector who has the good looks of a beach boy with an athletic body and sun-bleached blond shoulder length hair. He is co-owner of a successful business with a dear friend of sorts, Angus.

Bjorn is an all work and very little play man, workaholic, which is why his love life is so deficient. He wishes he could find the perfect woman to share his successful lifestyle with, but his past may make this venture daunting.

Ms. Knight has awesomely created realistic, invigorating characters whom will captivate your heart and places you in the center of their entanglements. The storyline is punchy, energetic, and erotic with unexpected twists and turns that weave a tale with trails of falsehoods. Ms. Knight developed a sensual paranormal multi-cultural love story that most readers will hold close in their hearts long after the story is over.

I felt a deep kindred and spiritual connection with Bjorn and Lydia as they endured personal issues in which they conducted themselves through the pain and drama. All of the elements of a high quality and cultivated narrative are presented by Ms. Knight. Denying Bjorn was very stimulating on all levels. I did not want this story to end. Ms. Knight is an author I have added to my favorites. Ms. Knight, Keep up the great writing. One request, can you make these terrific, heart pounding, delicious stories longer?

Book Blurb for Denying Bjorn

Bjorn Jensen has fulfilled his destiny by overseeing the well-being of his Dragon Lord. For centuries, he's led a lonely existence as a Protector, but now he's forced to take a long hard look at his life.

Lydia has strong feelings for Bjorn, but she's not ready to trust him with her secret. As their relationship develops, she continues to deny him the truth. Between her meddlesome cousin and a threat from her past, she realizes the odds are against her, and the skeletons in her closet could cost she and Bjorn the happiness they've been waiting for all their lives.

Warning: Get cozy and break out the wine. This steamy read contains a svelte Viking-like immortal who knows how to please, protect, and pamper the love of his life, and a strong heroine who eventually realizes the value of trust in a loving relationship.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50