Demoness of Lust

Lust is a demon that possesses most of us and prompts some vividly, deliciously sensual expressions.

Charisma Knight's a creative, imaginative author of many books. She has penned yet another entertaining story of lust and love with paranormal elements. Demoness of Lust will bring a smile to your face and senses. You will come to read a message of what one does for love.

The power of the subconscious mind is understood by few, but many of us reap the benefits it produces. Ms. Knight manufactures a narrative that serves her readership well with adventure, intrigue, and sizzling intimacies.

How many of your wild dreams have manifested in reality? Ms. Knight has an instinctive style of writing which taps into the outer realms of time and space as we know it. The use of expressive language flows across the reader’s eyes as smooth as silk or highest quality of melting semi-sweet chocolate brimming over the edges of a fountain. Ms. Knight's characters and setting are realistic and extremely easy to connect with. The incorporation of the sensory elements Ms. Knight uses made it easy to visualize. I found the setting in Easton Maryland a suburb of Washington, D.C. and the profession of her leading man, Jake so lovable. Jake and his dedication to his customers and employees mirrored people I know and places I have been too often. The connective bond Ms. Knight fabricates for Sabrina, Jake, Leslie, and Lucinda is the same bond she utilizes to connect with her audience. Ms. Knight's writing skills are one of the reasons I always enjoy reading her work. Ms. Knight's narratives are sexy and as delicate as a scrumptious soufflé and easy to swallow.

Jake is a hard worker and owner of a landscaping company serving clients in the Washington suburbs. Jake employs several individuals who have helped maintain the repetition of providing the honest, high quality professionalism with landscaping as well as befriending each other.

As you can imagine landscaping reinforces that tight body of pulsating muscles across a broad back and chest. He is swimming in washboard abs to die for. Jake has it going on!!

Sabrina is a voluptuous and intelligent woman who has the body men dream of and she is capable of providing just the correct amount of carnality to drive a man to seek pleasure. Sabrina is the subject of Jakes dreams.

Demoness of Lust is a story that has plenty of suspense and captures a reader’s attention, holds it to the last punctuation mark. Demoness of Lust is a paranormal descriptive story of wonderment, true love and includes plenty of lust. “The demoness made me do it” and I loved every moment it prompted.

How much are you willing to give up for love. Read the Demoness of Lust and compare how much one will sacrifice for the awesome power of love.

I loved Demoness of Lust and highly recommend it. It is a great fun book for enjoying the hot summer nights.

Book Blurb for Demoness of Lust

Jake finds comfort in the arms of the lovely mysterious woman who visits him in his dreams. He soon realizes this being has awakened feelings within he’d never experienced in the past.

Sabrina answered Jake's lonely calls in the night. When strong emotions for the mortal develop, she discovers that she must follow her instincts and pursue the man.

A spell casts Sabrina into the human realm, but she must convince Jake to acknowledge his true feelings for her within four days. If she fails, she'll remain a demon for the rest of eternity. She also discovers destiny will have its way when she’s unable to control certain events and learns a powerful lesson of self-sacrifice and love.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50