Dark Rooms

“Dark rooms” can transport you to frightening places or divine ones. What comes to you prior to entering a dark room for the first time? Are there thoughts and a vivid imagination accompanied by sounds and prickly sensations?

Imagine being a new freshman in a college town with a dark secret. No one yet knows the games played in the dark. No one would not like to have a secret sexual talent exposed and tweeted about on Facebook for others to read and comment about.

Of course, being in college has its advantages. It enabling one to explore new territories and expand ones’ imagination. Just imagine the kinky sexual fantasies.

Wesley Oliver is a young handsome man who is a Dom in college and has the required skills to melt the hearts of any Sub he comes in contact with, on or off campus. Could there be anything more delicious than a Dom breaking in a fresh submissive regardless of her age and position on campus?

Aimee Eastman a college professor of the art department. Her specialty is photography. She runs into Wesley, the seductive hunk of fresh meat in her class. Thus the forbidden sexy liaisons develop between a student and teacher.

Aimee has her standard for what she needs and wants in her encounters with a Dom. She’s caught up in a rush of emotions and passion when she is in the dark with Wesley.

The illicit affair is sizzling hot and grabs the reader’s attention for a delightful adult read.

Ms. Fox does a good job of drawing in the reader and making them crave more adult fantasy. I found the conversations between characters realistic and entertaining.

“Dark Room” is a softer BDSM for readers who are beginning to investigate this genre.

Book Blurb for Dark Rooms


Women beg Wes Oliver to dominate them in darkness. In the light, he’s finally getting his life back on track. College is priority number one—until he finds his new professor is the delicious Sub who ran out on him last weekend, a brilliant and mature beauty nothing like the girls who usually kneel before him. Suddenly, this is no longer just about pleasure. This is about his heart.

Aimee Eastman has rules. Rules for herself. Rules for her college photography students. Rules for the partners she submits to at private BDSM house parties. Then the hot young Dom who topped her last weekend walks into her classroom and all boundaries fly out the window—or would if she could just give up control. Like she wants. Like she needs. Then she and Wes might share forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.00