Casanova in Training

In Aeternum, #1

Wow!! Casanova in Training is a fast, exciting, and sensual read that had my heart reaching Mach 2.5 in under a minute. What a rush!!

I loved the character developments of Lieutenant Commander Giovanni Cassano and Jaydee Amos. The electrifying vibe between the two strong willed, highly intelligent, analytical personalities pressed me firmly against the back of my chair as the story escalated. Ms. Burke creates a dynamic setting, story line, realistic dialogue and sensuality within a couple hundred pages. The book moves the reader at a blazing pace and the thrills in and out of the aircraft are pure genius. All of the characters are extremely well defined and the conflicts surrounding the secondary cast is outstanding. My admiration for the manner in which Ms. Burke creates Jaydee Amos had me cheering and waving my fist in the air at several scenes as if I were at a football game. Jaydee is a woman I can effortlessly bond with along with her best friend Lexy. Who does not appreciated drop dead beauties, super intelligent draped over a dynamite body compressed into take no prisoner’s women.

OMG!! Gio is to die for; sexy, hot body, knowledge of what makes a jet rock and a woman's body to quake. Hmmm!!

Ms. Burke in my opinion does an awesome job of creating a spellbinding, sexy, sizzling novel that can be enjoyed by both genders.

I will eagerly search for her other works and keep a sharp look out for Ms. Burke's upcoming novels. Casanova in Training is a five star read in my opinion. Read it, you will enjoy it; you will not be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Casanova in Training

If you enjoyed Spontaneous by Brenda Jackson, or Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison, then this book might just be for you! Make this one of your top romance novels of the year!

A woman who is all about rules and a man who lives to break them, their scorching passion threatens all they hold dear. Can they find a way to have it all?

Lieutenant Commander Giovanni 'Casanova' Cassano is a top test pilot for the military, and is the epitome of an ace. Cocky, arrogant, handsome, and true to his call sign. His best friend's death brings a new pilot to his squadron—a woman. That's not even the real reason it's hard—she's the one who left an indelible imprint on his soul after a twenty—four hour rendezvous. Now she seems to have ice in her veins, not the fiery passion he knows rages beneath the surface.

Jaydee 'Dusti' Amos is following orders, and this time they have landed her at a test facility. She's there to ascertain what caused the deadly B—2 crash. The situation becomes harder once she discovers who is stationed there—the one man she never believed she'd see again after their impulsive and passionate encounter. He pulls her focus from the job at hand and tends to make her break the stringent rules she lives her life by.

They work together to unveil the truth and the feelings between them deepen. But there is a traitor in their midst. Will the fallout tear them apart, or will Gio find some way to convince Jaydee to give him a chance at forever?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00