By Surprise

Almost everyone enjoys a great surprise. I enjoy them under the right conditions. A surprise is something that remains in the heart of the recipient for many years to come.

The author Alyssa Turner, an author of several steamy erotic menage romances, does it again by writing a precious read I believe you will enjoy.

Ms. Turner enchants her audience with an easy flowing and energetic writing style. Her characters, settings and other key writing elements are balanced and realistic. Ms. Turner taps all of the neurons of the brain that respond to emotions, sensuality and the warmth of being in a loving relationship.

By Surprise is a short sizzler capable of enveloping you in the warmth and wonderment of love. Ms. Turner stimulates the imagination while placing a smile on the face of her audience.

Paxton, Nicholas and Jodi are the major players in this steamy romance. The three characters reside in Vermont where Paxton and Nicholas work for the government. Vermont's government employees are entrenched in budget cuts which set Nicholas's nerves on end. Paxton and Jodi share a history that date back to the pre-teen age.

Paxton Tremont and Jodi Tate are sexy, intelligent, and easy on the eyes. They have creative minds and active imaginations with a bit of optimistic energy. Nicholas, Paxton's life partner is a bit of a worrier.

Ms. Turner weaves a web for these three magnetic personalities. The story spirals in such an electrifying manner the reader can visualize the spiral's origin to its ending. Ms. Turner's manufactured events between Paxton, Nicholas and Jodi are easy for adult readers to identify with and may have encountered in the job market arena as well as in loving relationships. Such spirals often result into delightful, unexpected outcomes.

By Surprise is a short, provocative, tantalizing narrative; one may savor with a glass of wine or cup of joe. But with a lover within shouting distance expect a response to the seductive, carnal invitation ignited by Ms. Turner vivid narrative.

I enjoyed this book as well as other books by Alyssa Turner. I trust you to will be delighted with her work.

Book Blurb for By Surprise

Sex that's twice as good, love that's three times stronger.

When Jodi returned to Burlington after a nasty divorce, broke and without a much needed place to sculpt, she never expected to bump into Paxton, her best friend from growing up. With her unresolved feelings for him still smoldering, it was a shock to find him married—to a great guy. But when Paxton and Nicholas offer her a room for rent in their too-big, too-expensive Victorian, complete with a turret to use as her art studio, it seems like the perfect solution for everyone. Until Jodi overhears Nicholas and Paxton making love—and finds herself burning hotter than she ever imagined.

Nicholas always knew his husband Paxton was bi-sexual, but finding his forgotten stash of cheerleader DVDs makes him wonder if Paxton's been tamping down his old desires. As strong as their love is, he knows there are things he just can't give Paxton...or can he? He decides to get Paxton a very special birthday present—a night with a woman—a no-strings arrangement to grant him the fantasies Nicholas isn't equipped to fulfill. But when he meets Paxton's best friend Jodi, Nicholas finds himself facing new feelings of his own. If only he could stop imagining Jodi's body wedged between Paxton and him and figure out what to do...


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00