Eternal Guardians

You will definitely be tied to your sofa or comfy chair as I was in this fantastic work of fiction by Elisabeth Naughton. She is one of the best fantasy authors. In Bound I felt compelled to keep reading and was thirsty for the next delicious scene to quench my parched throat. This was because I was in such awe that I could not keep my mouth shut in anticipation of the next exciting moment. Bound's adventures, deceptions, the titillations as well as the searing heat between lovers and the fearlessness of the Guardians is to die for in my humble opinion. The obsessions and passions drive the story. This action packed novel was heaven on earth for me.

Bound is craftily written and the elements that magically sums up a great read in the fantasy genre are vibrantly present. The characters, dialogue, emotions and settings were captivating to me. I don't often read fantasy, but Bound really was an excellent experience. The plot development, rising and falling action and the message evolved in such a dramatic manner. I highly recommend Bound. This narrative is a thrill a minute ride that creates a desire for more, more, and even more.

Titus is a hunk! I would relish his mystical touch and it is truly phenomenal how he exists with such power.

Natasha is a woman after my own heart. I related to her on several levels including her connection to Maelea and the love for Titus.

I am five books behind in the Eternal Guardians series, however I never felt lost or overwhelmed due to the splendid writing and storytelling ability of Ms. Naughton. Trust me. I will have a great time catching up on the lives and events, adventures of the Council, and the other members of the Eternal Guardian Series.

I loved this book!

Book Blurb for Bound

TITUS--To most his gift seems like a blessing, but for him it's a curse the other Eternal Guardians--those who protect the mortal realm from threats of the Underworld--seek to exploit. One he would gladly trade for the chance to be free...

Obsessed. Her touch is like a drug. From the moment he met her, Titus knew she was different. Even dangerous. Yet though his guardian brethren are convinced Natasa is working for Hades, Titus can't stop thinking about her. Can't stop fantasizing about her. Can't stop craving the one thing he knows could lead to the downfall of his world.

Possessed. Faced with stopping Natasa or joining in her quest, Titus falls to temptation and is thrust into a world of lust, deception, and deadly treachery designed by the gods. Her touch--only hers--frees him from his bonds, but desire may just condemn him. Because before the end he'll have to decide which is more important: duty and honor to those he took an oath to defend, or a woman who could very well be the biggest curse to them all.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00