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"Boss" is an intriguing narrative penned by the talented author Tracy Brown. Brown has blessed her audiences with several urban tales. In "Boss", Ms. Brown takes her readers on a road of deception, love, paybacks, heartaches and victory.

The characters and plot are attention grabbers. In this tale, one can not resist falling in love as the story unfolds. The various twists and turns demonstrate how pained individuals can retrieve their power and flip the script on those who were once in control and inflicted pain upon them.

I enjoyed the many parallels with old wise sayings such as "Do unto others as you would have done to you". "Payback is a bitch." And don't forget, "Be nice to the people you meet going up the ladder because you will see them again on the way down".

Every last one of these quotes rang true throughout "Boss".

The characters were sometimes a bit too goody goody, but still reasonable to connect with nonetheless.

Crystal Scott was a hard working career woman entrusted with keeping the magazine progressive and moving forward for its readers. She has the ideal job, wardrobe, residence, car and a lover that could make you want to scream with burning hot pleasure.

"Boss" is an enjoyable read full of love of money as well as power and lust. It's perfect for a sizzling day beside the pool with an adult beverage and a passionate partner.

Book Blurb for Boss

Empire meets Scandal meets Romeo and Juliet with an edgy twist in Boss, a new standalone novel from bestselling author Tracy Brown.

Crystal Scott has the world at her fingertips. At the height of her career at a wildly popular magazine and on the rise in an enviable social circle, she’s beginning to think that maybe she can have it all. But her entire life, body, and soul is threatened when Troy Mitchell steps on the scene. Crystal has never felt the insatiable passion she feels for Troy…and it was certainly not part of her plan.

Troy pursues her full throttle, making it impossible for her to resist. Crystal can’t help but fall for the handsome, powerful, enigmatic man. But the families of both lovers will not stand for their love, and a raging inferno of bitterness and revenge threatens to consume them both as tensions ignite. With deadly twists and turns, Crystal and Troy must choose each other and give in to love, or they will not escape the ties that bind them…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00