Blood War

Nightwalkers, #3

The drama continues unfolding in the Blood Wars series. H. N. Siverdling shifted into high gear and we get one heck of a story.

The author magnificently creates a storyline that may appear to be predictable, but ohhh my friends she transports her audience into the twist and turns of a roller coaster ride. They are taken into the deep tombs of darkness. Ms. Sieverding squeezes the readers’ rapidly pounding heart with sensuality, darkness, and raw activities of vampires. Sieverding is a masterful storyteller. She provides me and others with the biting suspense of a chiller movie. I was captivated by the intensity of the pain, suffering, love and dependency she breathes.

I developed a kindred spirit with Ashleigh, Natalie, and Caleb. I felt the chill of the dark tombs, the sizzle of the passion between Ashleigh and Caleb and the wicked stench of Drake’s drive for retaliation.

There are a multitude of angles embedded in Blood Wars. Ms. Sieverding’s imagination breathes soul into her. Just when I thought I knew what would occur next I am blasted between the eyes with yet another dimension that add an aroma of suspense, sexiness, drama and tenderness.

I enjoyed the insertion of fragments of humor interjected into the storyline with the entrance of Zander. His innocence and antics has a bit of devilishness dripping with a chuckle. The interactions between Natalie, Grand and Zander are humorous and endearing and perfectly sprinkled about in Blood Wars. I found this effect pleasant and well planned to ease some of the hardships and turmoil taking place on the battlegrounds between vampires the Morgan’s against Count Drake.

I found the message of the power of love has many scars. But it can be so forgiving if it is truly love...maybe lust.

Blood Wars is a read that will keep you ripping through the pages all night long. Readers will perhaps be a bit jumpy at the strange noises that come alive in their home. The darkness slides from page to the willow-like shadows cross your windows.

Book Blurb for Blood War

Ashleigh's former lover, Drake, is waging war and he won't stop until she surrenders. He soon proves more powerful than she realized and the scales are quickly tipping in his favor. As her lack of faith in her leadership abilities grow, memories of him plague her dreams, most manifesting into nightmares.

But aside from being the leader of the Morgan vampires, she's also a mother. And raising a vampire isn't as easy as it seems, especially a toddler with a big appetite. She worries she'll fail her family, all of them once again becoming Drake's slaves.

Will she succeed in defeating Drake or will his magic once again make her his submissive queen?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50