Black Ice

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Black Ice

Black Ice is extremely dangerous because it appears invisible. Proceed with caution!

This exciting novel by I.C. Enger is an exhilarating rush for your mind. Enger does an awesome job of igniting the sensory elements and the development of her characters. He paints each scene so vividly that I felt as though I was watching a movie. Black Ice is loaded with many twists and turns, which is a key component for keeping me riveted to a book and my comfortable sofa. I barely released the book too... well let's leave that alone. (wink)

Black Ice has a well-crafted storyline, plot and rising action. It all finishes with a great resolution.

All of the characters possess strong personalities and play their position with powerful intrigue. They were splendid.

Jack Strickland and Brooke Breckenridge are Special Agents as well as partners. They have a keen sense of critical reasoning and methods for uncovering the smallest details of a case to bring closure to each case they investigate. My favorite character in this gripping narrative is Ranger, an intelligent, caring and faithful member of the team. Ranger is a Belgian Malinois with a heart of gold and loyalty.

Neighbors and friends of Brooke and Jack are caring and curious. A former NASA agent, Marty, a scientific genius, fishes in the lake frequently and finds something that piques his curiosity not to mention that of some government specialists. As a result things become a bit slippery on the lake that shimmers like ice. Marty is unsure of the item he located. The events after that discovery are then pumped up several notches incorporating the wild ride creating ripples and waves of many unexpected directions.

The supporting characters of Black Ice are well developed making it is easy for Ms. Enger's audience to form a bond with them. She generously poured realism upon their personalities. She adds additional spice with the elements of science fiction segments in the pot.

This is my introduction to Ms. Enger and her characters. Black Ice is the third book in her series however Ms. Enger includes enough backstory making Black Ice an amazing thrilling ride as a standalone novel. I really enjoyed Black Ice and Ms. Enger's writing style therefore, I will locate the earlier novels while I await for the next installment.

Book Blurb for Black Ice

Black ICE delivers a buffet of possibilities into the unknown. Both chilling and thought provoking, it is a page turner with a bombshell ending you won't anticipate. Homeland Security Special Agent Jack Strickland and Brooke Breckenridge are thrown into a maelstrom of intrigue, murder and kidnapping by the discovery of a mysterious silver sphere lying quietly at the bottom of Three Cranes Lake.

This perplexing sphere becomes the center of a mystery involving an ancient Hopi Indian prophecy of the Blue Kachina and a remote cave hidden deep within the earth. The secrets discovered there are both frightening and wondrous. Throw in a troubled teen and suspicions of a leak within Homeland Security, and the fun and games begin.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00