Black 21

Golden Hills Legacy Series, #1

Black 21 by Nancy Glynn opens as if you were watching a drama from a warm and comfortable sofa or chaise lounge. Black 21 is brimming with a tinge of curiosity, sensuality, and suspense mixed within it.

The thread of the curiosity is to know and understand Daisy's plight as it is often referenced without the full details in the first few chapters.

Daisy Lock and Christian Stone are involved in an arranged date for Christian's 21st birthday. This arranged date manifested thanks to her uncle and Christian's dad. The dynamics between the families in the small town of Golden Hills, Illinois is somewhat complicated with the darkness of paranormal activity. Entrenched in the Black 21's storyline are darkness and brutal violent paranormal underpinnings, with religious influences, that took me by surprise. Throughout the narrative Ms. Glynn tapped into the sensory elements to accelerate the adrenaline rush. Ms. Glynn weaves a sinister story of pain, violence, and steamy romance. The characters are engaging and easy for the audience to connect with. The supporting characters: Gloria, Dane, Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe were the foundation of the story as Ms. Glynn creates an intriguing back story.

The rites of passage, for both men and women, at the age of 21 is quite a scary coming of age ritual.

The dark events that manifest throughout the book may cause some readers pause. I encountered such a reaction as I poured through Black 21. The roller coaster ride of this frightening story has enough excitement and breathless moments pounce along the pages of this intriguing read. I found some of the events of the rites of passage practices painful and still continue to rock my soul, and screams from the characters are still piercing my ears long after the narrative concluded.

Black 21 is not a book for the weak of heart or anyone under the age of 21. I recommend this narrative to readers who enjoy darkness of a paranormal romance.

Book Blurb for Black 21

When immortality hides behind a smile, trusting can be a dangerous thing.

While on a retreat to her family’s country home, Daisy Lock is coaxed into doing a favor. She discovers this favor is a sinister plan made long before she was born. Fear resides in her heart after falling in love with the man behind the favor. On a mission to seek the truth, she encounters a shocking past with the darkest of conspiracies revealed. With a barely used psychic ability, she better start learning to use it.

Turning 21 has never been so powerful. The clock is ticking until Black 21.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00