Bittersweet Chocolate

Revenge, #1

Bittersweet Chocolate penned by author Emily Wade-Reid is a delicious, mysterious vibration that incorporates political, social and cultural issues that took place in the sixties but are the same issues manifesting themselves in 2015.

Emily Wade Reid creates a tasteful erotic, high energy romance with the urban pulse that cannot be easily forgot nor hidden. The realism embedded throughout Bittersweet Chocolate ties together the past that any adult who lived through the turbulent era of the sixties can connect with, along with the troubling time currently shaping today’s atmosphere. Each character, setting and theme created by this prolific author demonstrates the tensions currently being dealt with in the big cities as well as small towns in our country. Ms. Wade-Reid’s story elements contains a heartbeat that thunders inside the bodies of most readers as issues of humanity unfold. Funny how history keeps repeating itself.

Ms. Wade-Reid brings the excitement of crossing the forbidden boundaries not only of socially but also of the mind, body and soul. The drama speaks to readers of both generations in such a clear, powerfully creative and sensuous manner. There is plenty of sizzling events that are played out through the pages of this erotic romance.

I related to Ms. Wade-Reid’s characters, spine tingling events and the indoctrinations of the religious, whipped together by social attitudes. I felt the heat of injustice, loyalty to family and friends not to mention the accompaniment of physical and emotion pain, loss of a love ones followed by one’s effort for personal transformation.

Growing up in the East coast metropolitan city and attending patriarchal school, this story resonated with me and I could relate to Marissa’s plight. Is revenge best served when cold? Perhaps there is some truth behind the saying that you can run but you cannot hide.

Bittersweet Chocolate is great for the heart yet is an acquired taste for the mature palate, the perfect flavor on the tongue and soul. This is something Tristan Corbett finds out, but can he handle that as a white man?

Bittersweet Chocolate’s main characters and secondary characters are perfect examples of how things happen to shape one’s personality. The settings and other story elements tap all of the sensory nerves. Ms. Wade-Reid puts it down in my opinion, in this my first encounter with her writing. I will surely read her other novels because I enjoyed the flow and dimensions she manifests in her narrative.

Book Blurb for Bittersweet Chocolate

It’s the social unrest era of mid-nineteen-sixties Philadelphia. For Marissa Wells, a young black woman, surviving increasing gang violence trumps civil rights, with good reason. Gang culture is part of her lifestyle, affiliation that molds character, skews ethics, and leads to her brutal assault. Marissa retaliates, and her lover forfeits his life saving hers. Guilt-ridden, she severs all ties and moves away. Her mistake?she leaves enemies alive to retaliate.

Transitioning from segregation to integration, she settles in California, meets Tristan Corbett, a white southerner, discovers love is colorblind, and happiness is fleeting.

Marissa’s past starts intruding on her present. Enemies reemerge, jeopardizing her new life. To eliminate the threat and cycle of revenge, aware she might die trying, she lures her nemesis into a confrontation.

This is a previous release.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50