Bellamy Rising

Wow! “Bellamy Rising” penned by A.E. Snow provides her audience with an exciting read created especially for young adults. This narrative has all of the elements necessary for an engaging storyline. Ms. Snow's character development, settings, rising and falling action with paranormal components is very engaging.

I found “Bellamy Rising” to be entertaining and hard to put down as I followed Bellamy, Will and Iris through the storyline.

Ms. Snow, in my honest opinion, did a terrific job of incorporating teenagers' language and broad ranges of their emotions into the story. “Bellamy Rising” processes plenty of action and suspense that transports the reader into a fast paced suspenseful series of events regarding high school girls being killed. One of the concepts embedded in this narrative is the reality of coping with life struggles and disappointments...powerful life lessons.

Embedded within the intriguing storyline of “Bellamy Rising” the reader gets caught up into the suspense and drama of a Virginia high schooler with panic attacks blended with a clairvoyant gift.

Bellamy, the main character receives information about events cloaked in mystery which often could lead to misunderstandings and hard feelings that may be unsettling to adults.

Bellamy and her friends are very realistic and easy to relate to throughout this narrative.

I highly recommend “Bellamy Rising” for an enjoyable read for YA and adult readers.

Book Blurb for Bellamy Rising

Bellamy Foster, a lifelong misfit, has been plagued by psychic visions for as long as she can remember. Because her freakish visions have a habit of coming true, her mother is afraid of her, her classmates shun her, and she turns to drugs, alcohol, and vandalism to cope. When, on New Year’s Eve, she has a vision of a dirt road and hears a girl screaming, Bellamy is certain she’s just “seen” a murder.

A serial killer is on the loose in the small town of Louisa, Virginia. High school girls are going missing and showing up dead, strangled with their own hair. As Bellamy’s visions of the crimes are growing more frequent, she knows it’s up to her to use her second sight to stop the madman. But it’s not that easy when the police don’t believe her and the only one who does is the dead girl’s brother, who also happens to be a suspect.

Bellamy must find the clues in her flashes of the crime scenes and the voices she hears before the killer comes for her. But after she finds a threatening message in her bedroom, she realizes time is running out. As the body count increases, Bellamy must unscramble her visions and follow the signs to save another innocent girl and, more importantly, to save herself.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.50