Beautiful Revenge

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Beautiful Revenge

A Good Wife Book 1

Some say revenge is best served when cold and revenge is so sweet whenever it is served. However, revenge is something that penetrates the mind, body and soul of the one seeking it and the poor individual who is the recipient.

“Beautiful Revenge” penned by Sienna Blake is a steeping hot book that bites holes into the emotional tapestry of the reader and Blake’s characters.

Blake takes two poor lovers living in an impoverish lifestyle in Russia to a life of heartache and hatred. They have been twisted together and embedded with money, greed and selfishness. In this powerful read Ms. Blake guides her audience through what love has to do with it to ain’t no mountain high enough to keep one’s rage and pain from a searing punishment of betrayal.

The peaks and valleys of emotional tension and angst grip the reader by the collar and heart strings as Dimitri Volkov and Alena Ivanova engage in the dance of love and pain as they work desperately to survive the daily problems of an impoverish life in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The story elements created by Ms. Blake’s creative soul are present at every turn of the page. Thus providing the reader with an experience so realistic and true to form.

Dimitri Volkov is a hungry, handsome, and sexy man fueled by the painful heartbreak of deceit after his teenage love of his life Alena Ivanova deceives him. He and Alena struggled together in Russia to overcome the obstacles of poverty. They pledging their love and a life together forever.

Alena Ivanova is barely out of her teens; striving for a better lifestyle. She opts out to marry someone else in hopes of an easier walk through life. She ends up living in a more oppressive situation than her childhood. Alena learns several powerful life lessons, such as: the grass is not greener and more beautiful on the other side of the pond.

In this strong and fervently tense narrative, Ms. Blake’s life lessons for all concerned beats a drum of truth and suffering. Readers are in for a searing pain burning red hot through the pages as the two lost lovers meet again. Will they be able to rekindle their passion and find forgiveness and understanding or will pay back be the formative B*Tch it’s reputed to be?

Ms. Blake brings love and loss, lust and revenge to a melodramatic crescendo of an explosive powder keg conclusion. It detonation vibrates the hearts of Alena, Dimitri and the audience.

“Beautiful Revenge” is grand infusion of roaring emotions that will remain in the mind of the reader for months after experiencing the last word on the page.

Book Blurb for Beautiful Revenge

A Second-Chance Romance

Revenge never looked so sexy...

My name is...was Alena Ivanova.

Five years ago, I made a mistake. A big one. One that cost me the only man I will ever love.

Now in the lonely moors of north England, I live with my cold, cruel husband. My only friend is his daughter from a previous marriage. At least I didn't starve to death during the bitter Russian winter.

When my husband arranges for a potential investor to stay with us, a mysterious self-made millionaire by the name of Mr. Wolf, imagine my shock when he walks in...

My name is…was Dimitri Volkov.

Until the love of my life broke me.

Five years I’ve worked for this moment. Five years I’ve dreamed of revenge.

But as my eyes rest upon her, I don’t expect to be smacked in the gut with these unwanted feelings. To remember the taste of her lips, the feel of her skin.

I will possess her.

I will consume her.

I will have my revenge.

Warning: Prepare for a broody, angsty, tortured hero. This is a full-length sexy-as-hell standalone contemporary romance with a HEA. No panties needed.

Bonus! Love Sprung From Hate, a full-length romantic suspense, is included as at the back of this ebook as a thank you.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50