Bad Bitch

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Bad Bitch

As a dear friend of mine would say whenever something is over the top: "Ahh Get IT"!! Signifying that whatever warranted that phrase must be super bad and nothing could touch it.

“Bad Bitch” is skillfully written and entertaining. It fits my friend's chant. This is a sensual read with characters that I identified with because of their intelligence and persona to command attention. The characters’ and their no nonsense demeanor is just one aspect I relish in a narrative. The women in “Bad Bitch” are all tough and wear the title Bad Bitch at some time throughout the storyline. Of course Evangeline Pallida (Evan) is the baddest bitch of them all.

Evan is a defendants dream, harnessing a fearless gladiator spirit to fight to the end to prove her point. She is beautiful, sharp, kick ass and a "man-eater". That description cracked me up each time it was mentioned throughout the story.

Lincoln Granade is awesome, deliciously commanding and challenges Evan on many levels. In my opinion his last name fits him to a “T”. From the crown of his head to the bottom of his feet he is packed with an ingenious method of analyzing weak links. The brains and warrior's heart that beats vibrantly behind his muscular chest cavity makes me weak. OMG Lincoln is time enough for Evan as the ol' folks would say back in the day.

The chemistry between Evan and Lincoln is so powerful it could self-combust at a moment’s notice. When the two were within the same air space is was scorching.

Judge Crane handles these two warriors in a way that made me chuckle quietly.

Ms. Saunders is shaping the secondary characters such as Jonsey, Castille, Wash, Vinnie, and other attorneys. It’s the work of a truly masterful writer. She has created and demonstrated a balanced story through her well-honed character development, plot, settings and other story elements. Ms. Saunders portrayed all the erotic elements with heat and realism. The dialogue flowed smoothly and the characters personalities popped constantly as the words rolled before my eyes. I enjoyed the visualization Ms. Saunders skillfully depicted.

The courtroom and office scenes were brimming with passion as the cases took on various dimensions and energies. There are many devious schemes afoot. Evan along with her loyal and most trusted team members may have to go down with the ship if things get really rocky. Who will Evan and Pallida Associates have in their corner if the ship goes down with the boat load of conspiracies?

“Bad Bitch” is a good read with many a-ha and titillating moments that may cause a heart valve to race occasionally.

Put “Bad Bitch” on your must read, beach read list. It’s perfect by the pool.

Book Blurb for Bad Bitch

They call me the Bad Bitch. A lesser woman might get her panties in a twist over it, but me? I'm the one who does the twisting. Whether it's in the courtroom or in the bedroom, I've never let anyone - much less a man - get the upper hand.

Except for that jerk attorney Lincoln Granade. He's dark, mysterious, smoking hot and sexy as hell. He's nothing but a bad, bad boy playing the part of an up and coming premiere attorney. I'm not worried about losing in a head to head battle with this guy. But he gets me all hot and bothered in a way no man has ever done before. I don't like a person being under my skin this much. It makes me want to let go of all control, makes me want to give in. This dangerous man makes me want to submit to him completely, again, and again, and again...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50